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Heavy tigers! Take away the team I'm in the blood.

Heavy tigers! Get out of the team I'm shot at bloody drops.

November 30 In case of General Nipon Lekrako, Special Operations Commander (Delta), 44th District, Yale, and a total of 6 firefighters. At the end of the day, peasants are trying to escape from the locals in Mu 3, Tambon Pa Tan, Amphoe Bannangs, Yala. G. Abdul Lavate Yaya, 49 Tonson District And chairman of the village. Bannang Sata District Dies in Front Of The House Near Ban Kaen Mosque, Moo 3 Tontun Po, A. Bannangs, Yala

By the end of the gun. Get to know corpses dressed like a corpse. She is dead in the park of Pali 9 mm and other villains. I got a gun. Mr. Abdul Lavat It is expected that a crew of ammunition will be hurt. Because of blood dirt.

After the accident Yala, Yala, Yala, Yala, Yala, Yala, Yala Police For Collecting Explosives. Disease – Sachai Evidence and military policemen in the autopsy discovered that. The perpetrators were killed by Mr Abe Dsee, 30 years. The house is located in 8 Tambon Sue, Kung Ping, Yala.

Check the history A person who called on security officials to investigate. Suspect in case. On April 3, 2560, the police deceived the cage in Pingyang, causing 9 policemen injuring. But after the investigation was published. Because there is no arrest warrant. It was a funeral. Other villains were mixed, military police hunted.

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