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I do not want to connect a Card-poor 30-Cure Disease & # 39; because I never paid the money!

In the case of academic debate "Creating a Social State Through the Choice of 62 Years" to open the vision and opinion of political parties. About Building a State of Wellbeing at Thammasat University in Lampang, Hang Chat District, Lampang Province on November 29.Mr. Apisit Vejjajiva Democratic leader One Comment Solve the problem of poverty. The difference is that the solution is not all measures to support the social welfare system. Examples of state welfare? Many people do not see it. But the principle of this system must be recognized as the right of citizens to automatically receive. Government Does not Want Services must be universal. Everyone has every right to get it. It turns out that the question of how to complete the card is how it is used? Especially for treatment.

Progress November 30 Dr. Somsak Thiamkorn Doctors, Neurology Department of Internal Medicine School of Medicine Khon Kaen University (KKU) as a scientist on a universal health insurance system. To mention this, that should not really be called a poor card. And the poor people should not be included in universal health care. Or a gold patent I know that 30 baht is right to treat the illness of the National Institute of Health Insurance (NHS) because it needs to understand the basics. All Thai people will automatically get a gold card or 30 baht when they are born. What is the basic right to basic treatment? It's called a universal principle. So what is a bad card or social card? It should not be combined with free treatment.

"I would like to extend it." Bad or social card I just want to separate the status of people or groups that do not have to pay for treatment, but can be treated free of charge, but in the context of medical treatment under the gold patents or 30 baht right, it is not already stored. If you want to donate, you can help the hospital because the right 30 baht does not distinguish who is rich.It gives automatic rights to the hospital, for treatment, birth is not there, he must have the right to treatment, that is the fundamental right, "Somsak said.

Khon Kaen University professor also said that the 30-baht right will be automatically assigned to death, but if he is up and running in the system, he gets the right to social security. If he is a civil servant, he enters civil servants. But retirement or resign from work is not an insurer. They will return to the golden patent or 30 baht right automatically no matter how. If it is not in social security. If you have no money then you have to pay for it. It is about giving other benefits. I did not mean anything. But if it involves the right to treatment it is superfluous because it is no different than gold or 30 baht right.

Somsak said that a 30-baht card or a card does not need a card. For now, when he is ill To the hospital only with a personal ID card, he will know that. What is good treatment? I do not know how to call a hotline. 1330 They look like a really universal health insurance system called. So the state care cards in this case are not different. Maybe he just wants to separate status.


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