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I have a family problem. Why do you have to talk like this?

After her husband, Tim Pitt, admitted that the family was experiencing real problems. But in the process of adjustment. He is not yet answering the cause of the problem because his wife, Chutima, is a party.

I recently met former heroine Chutima in order to launch a gateway to Bang Sue, the first shopping mall in New CBD Bang Sue, reporters were questioning rumors. The former hero discovered it.

The story is taking place. Including the husband said that our family has problems?
"At this point, you say Tim, we have problems, internal problems that will solve this problem. It has been long and a long time, and I was in a lot of misunderstanding about the whole family.

Previously we did not recognize this problem. How are each of them?
"It's like the main two of us focus on the ball, I'd like to give him a baby, I think we've grown up in a different way, the two of them wanted the best for their children, that's the problem. . "

This is not our home with him?
"It's not that size. We came back to sleep with our mother to consult"

Currently the relationship is still separate. Or wait for it?
"I also consulted. We will also tell you that the focus is already on the child."

Are there many streams coming to adhere to?
"I want to talk about it with my brother Tim. There is no word on the track. We have the awareness of motherhood that should do what we should not.

Over the past 10 years we have almost never gone. I'm going to the provinces or overseas, and my mother is not. If she has a special birthday or wedding occasion. We have to go to court. We know how much it should be, we should not first manage. "

How to find a good solution?
"It has already been discussed. How will different people want to go?"

Has this happened long with the family?
"That's a big deal. I was in early youth.

Can this be solved? Because there is news that the couple will be sued for divorce?
"Oh, if this problem does not want someone to come to that point. Today's talk is a baby."

The news we submitted for divorce and called 50 million shows that it has not yet reached that point.
"Oh, that's sort of, we might be sorry, that's how people say that, especially the family, it's very disappointing, especially that's not true, we've never been attached to money.

Today we start the job. Investments We Work at Home We've opened a shop for more than two years, right? In any case, we help take responsibility for the house. We are ready to do "

There are people who believe us forever. Including a third person with Tom?
"Or really What can I say? The truth is true. People knew him closely. "

Is it confirmed that rumors that do not care for children and others are not true?
"We do not have to know what our duty is, We have friends Any people or Tom Like before when we did not start.

But when we started the job. It's a master's degree. I need a friend. But most of all, it's a friend of m. We do not talk to new people, we'll give up with friends we trust. We are honest. "

Have you talked to your husband? After talking to him?
"A story about a child"

Is there a chance to get back to this family?
"It's really about the future, and we're trying to do it for kids. Maybe it's sad that you've come across this (crying) nobody wants your family to be perfect."

I do not want these news to affect the mind of children?
"It involved our two problems, we believe we are the cause, that is for sure, we should talk to each other, for the good future of children."

We see two of us taking hostages. Fight for the ball together Is it true?
"We never thought we'd take it. We want kids to be with their parents as they tell us we're focusing on their kids. I want the best with him."

In the brain, do not we know the divorce?
"As he said, it is about the future, but we have already tried it today."

Be prepared for what will happen?
"I'm trying to keep time I love him completely, he's still small, but we give him the love we have, we know we're the mother who gives the children full love, I'll give it to you."

How to boost?
"It feels like it's all gone, what's going on, what's wrong or good, it feels like it's all gone, reminds us of the future."

Is this a matter of physical injury?
"This is not allowed."

Do you think Team is a good husband?
"He does his job."

Still love him today?
"Today is still love and good hope for him."

How to tell everyone? Since the news came out. They will look at us as a party girl. Leave the Sick Is a Bad Mother?
At this point we know there are news or what's not known. Or not too close. I'll listen to it. Or Believe We know what we are doing. All who are close to us know. Friends or Parents "

Do not be angry, do not you?
"It's just sad and disappointing, but we can not forbid people or think other people can not be"

What is the tendency to talk to your spouse in the last stages? After birth?
"You both focus on the baby."

Husband and wife?
"It's still legal."

Who is the glue?
"Many tried it, but finally there were two people."

I also spend time raising children together. Or are they different?
"If there is time, it feeds together. (Are we now separated?) Today we have our responsibilities."

It is also confirmed as a family. Is the father and mother of the child?
"(Climbing the Head)"

I think from date to marriage. Do we make a perfect wife and mother perfectly?
"Yes, we try our best. I do not want to apologize to society. Whether we are our friends or family, we see how we live."

Did you marry at a young age? Can people look at it?
"As I say do not you feel sorry or what? All that experience is. What is it with us? We've got this comment. It is good to consult with friends or with other children.

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