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I'm not afraid of fear! "Somyot" Yan Thai, do not worry about ASEAN quotas.

<img src = "http://static.siamsport.co.th/news/2018/11/06/news20181106151058.jpg" alt = "" I'm not afraid of the fear of "Somyota"

After the news that the Thai league was limited to the book of all the clubs in the Toyota Thai league it has changed the registration of foreign footballers to the ASEAN quota of no more than 3 people in the 2019 season, which will change. Again, registration is unlimited. But the quota remains the same.

This is Dr. Gen. Dr. Somyot. Violet flowers. President of the Football Association It is confirmed that this is true. "ASEAN Quota is the policy of the Association, the need to open or build Thailand's regional football center in ASEAN, and the first step to open players in the ASEAN region to play in the Thai league."

"Encourage fans to follow their players to watch the Toyota Thai League competition to expand the market and continue to benefit, but it's important to make the Thailand ASEAN football center." I want fans in ASEAN football team "

"If we say that Thailand wants to be the center of ASEAN football, we do not allow ASEAN players to play in the Thai league." There is no job If it is a marketplace, do it with the following: The Football Association will be with the club. build a business base. The song is that players will get more value. "

"I think this ASEAN quota will be useful for Thailand in the future like England, and it is open to some football players to play in full odds, the league was strong and brilliant, but it has been working for decades, but we have just started. If we do not want to be the center of this region, we do not need to develop it, or it does not change Now we have to think about thinking behind the scenes. "

"Do not be afraid that ASEAN players will take on Thai players, if the Thai players are right, it will be better than it, there will be no clubs that would hire ASEAN players to buy a free salary, no club to rent an ASEAN player, and no club benefits. that it will be a pressure It's a driving force in development If you want space on the ground, you need to be more enthusiastic If you do not worry about yourself, you do not play Sports is a competition You have to compete Do you think you are a Thai player? Everyone has to be ready, I have to develop my own rhythm all the time, you will not be able to stop, and if you stop, you will not have a career.

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