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It must be properly used

It must be properly used

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Scientists are familiar with the world population with this word "Geoengineering" for a while Many people think this is a great way to change the world. Spraying chemicals into the atmosphere to prevent sunlight Shattering the sun What can reduce global temperature

But there are many scientists worried about the potential and side effects that intimidate the concept of GE engineering. Because if you compare Geogenement is like taking high blood pressure medications Overdosing can be dangerous. But if you are cured with a sufficient amount of medication, it may be helpful to reduce the risk

What scientists take care of is the reason. They were skeptical that spraying with a chemical sprayer freely floated in the air. It will increase the climate problem and will be even worse if chemicals One have a serious impact on precipitation in some areas, creating climate inequality in every region of the world.

The best way is to get an experiment that will prove the technique is efficient enough. A team of scientists led by John A. Paulson's Harvard University of America made a computer model of high resolution to simulate what would happen if the sun's radiation faded. Setting the atmosphere to have 2 times higher carbon dioxide than the pre-industrial level GE Engineering's results Because of this, the world cools and reduces the time intensity But if you use the right amount it can reduce global warming for half and still does not cause negative side effects

However, scientists agree that there are still many uncertainties about this great natural intervention. But it is still considered that the overall benefit would be significant But experts have warned it To avoid the worst consequences of climate change It will have to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half This was supposed to start now, long by 2030. I have to wait and see

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