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It's easy to smoke but it's hard to stop! "Electric cigarettes" make people smoke more – they are hard to quit smoking "Become more dangerous than ordinary cigarettes"

It's easy to smoke but it's hard to stop!

June 30, 2019 prof. Dr. Stanton Glance, director of the Center for Research and Education for tobacco control at the California University of San Francisco, USA, spoke at the E-cigarette Forum: Returning to the Future at the 18th National Tobacco and Lung Health Conference on Tobacco and Lung Health stands behind the tobacco industry and supports electric cigarettes. Trying to lobby for the sale of electric cigarettes in Thailand Which government tried to stop selling and did not agree with it. But the principle of work is similar to the one in the electric cigarette It will have a battery Tank and nicotine filling solution I heat the coil to produce heat as long as the steam is not What differs from ordinary cigarettes that use spot light and heat to cause the smoke

It's easy to smoke but it's hard to stop!

Prof. Dr. Stanton said that it is now worrying The tobacco industry is struggling hard to advertise electric cigarettes. Like in the United States, there is advertising without electric cigarettes. And launch a variety of campaigns Through web sites and social media Enable people to reach the market and grow it, and the product is a soft nicotine Easier to cause nicotine addiction There have been researches in the past There are electrical cigarettes that help you leave normal cigarettes and 95% safer, which is not correct. Because there is no clear academic evidence As the company conducts research on cigarettes As in the case of electric cigarettes giving less toxic substances Although less than the true but still poisonous and long-time reception It is very dangerous. By comparing the dust generated by electric cigarettes and ordinary cigarettes, it will find that the electric cigarette has a lower dust. Therefore it is absorbed in the body more than ordinary cigarettes and therefore is more dangerous As far as the occurrence of various diseases is concerned, it is different from heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchitis

It's easy to smoke but it's hard to stop!
It's easy to smoke but it's hard to stop!

"Cigarettes and electric cigarettes also cause the heart, because it causes a reduction in blood vessels spreading Therefore, it causes heart disease What is the rate of heart disease caused by electric cigarettes significantly increased Whatever smoke, cigarettes and ordinary cigarettes The risk of heart disease is even greater. The introduction of heat-induced heavy metals is therefore more dangerous than the normal cigarettes found that electric cigarettes cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchitis 1.8 times higher than normal cigarettes while smoking in conventional cigarettes and electric cigarettes show the cause of oral cavity cavity "

Prof. Dr. Stanton said the cigarette company produces cigarettes by citing it It can help you stop with ordinary cigarettes And the main product So it's not a commercial logic According to collecting data in American teenagers who found Electric cigarettes do not help reduce normal smoking. But it has been steadier and more difficult to control tobacco consumption What is the result of the prevalence of electric cigarettes We found that one adult who stopped smoking but had 80 new electric cigarette adolescents because the person who was stuck could not stop smoking But there is a new group People also make people who have never smoked ordinary cigarettes. When you smoke electric cigarettes, then turn your smoke again

Electric cigarettes make smoking control more difficult. Ease smoking cessation Expand tobacco smoking outbreaks. And cause non-smokers to have strange substances Suggesting that the Thai government still allows illegal cigarettes to be illegal and should educate people to quit smoking and giving the knowledge that electric cigarettes are more dangerous than ordinary cigarettes It makes it difficult to quit smoking and cause both types of smoking " Prof. Dr. Stanton said

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