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Jennifer BNK48 is excited to touch a new film of a rusty – retrograde film. After 10 years

Jennifer BNK48 is excited to touch a new film of a rusty – retrograde film. After 10 years

November 21 at Suan Lum Night Bazaar Jennifer O. Prasert, one of the members of BNK48 In an interviewVictim film "Where are we" After returning to the film 10 years ago, he starred in "8th Day, Eight Day, Stranger" and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. 18. Supan Swan National Film Festival 2008

from Jennifer is Chet "In the movie" Where we belong ", Sue is a game character who will travel abroad, but at this point, decide what to do with her next life, I have a lot to deal with, whether it's a family, a relationship with friends or others I think the script quite the same. "

Prior to that, BNK48 was going through a documentary film. This is a film that is actually a movie. How are you preparing?
"We really have classes for learning, studying together and studying together. This is a new thing for all because BNK48 used to sing and dance, but everyone is fighting each other."

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Think of this movie as an opportunity for more people to meet with us abroad. Did the movie go abroad?
"If so, this is a good opportunity to expand the fan base abroad, which allows people to see our potential and much more."

It's another own movie from "Eight Day Strange People" in 2008 to knock a lot?
"Call it at a new beginning and the new rust is better." Very excited At that time, playing for eight days, we were about five to six years ten years old. "I do not remember what's happening (laughter). I'm growing up, some looking at life or reading time, our thoughts are quite different. I think I can do that better because I'm really on the show. "

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