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Just sick, body, mind, do not get sick

The girl with the open heart 23, the stage of cancer 4, after sharing the image of encouragement, the uncle is caught in the hospital while alone, hair loss from giving chemotherapy What is the drug good? We can not cope with our hearts Recently, the infection has disappeared for 2 years and is ready to devote a volunteer to help others …

From the SF Mildky message sharing Facebook users who post their own photos, hair loss from chemotherapy To treat cancer This was the 2016 event, along with talks That's a uncle

"Why I Hairy Hair: Hair Loss For Chemotherapy For Cancer?
Still studying?: Dear, now, studying Thai language teacher for 2 years
Do you think it will disappear: lost? If you do not recover from illness, it will disappear from the world.
Your uncle is so tired of life: normal, please, uncle. Make it sick Do not be sick enough. It will be better.
I'm not afraid to die: first, I'm afraid now. Soon it will be slow, we have to die
And do not worry about people behind me: worried, but my dad always learns that everything is natural Every day is good enough.
How old is this year: 19. My face is old.
No, I lost it. Yeah, my uncle was gone. How much drug is a cure? He can not fight with our hearts.

The correspondents then contacted Mrs Supawee or Nong Myung Fuengfai, 23, Amphoe A Laun, Ranong Province, who owns Facebook. Currently studying at the Department of Thai Language at the Pedagogical College Suratthani Rajabhat University Year 5 and to be a Coach Instructor for the Surat Children's Nursery School 1 month

Ms. Supawee or Nong Mind said that before that she died of cancer. During class 2 and later in high school Stand alone before the area of ​​the neck Always treated Every other year of the Graduate Study in 2015 was aware that cancer spread to the spinal cord. Must be treated with chemotherapy and penetrate the spinal cord By studying and maintaining self Do not look for a vacation

Take the treatment at Suratthani Hospital, which is a public hospital. And practice according to the advice of your doctor as well as 5 principles: 1. Good food, do not eat fermented 2. Clean air 3. Exercise your chair at time 4. Exercise and 5. Emotions, which is important to do, not stress. As has already been said How good is a good medicine that does not fight our hearts? So far, cancer has disappeared for more than 2 years, but it needs to be monitored for another year, and if the control period is 5 years, the infection will not cure.

Ms. Supawee reminded her that at that time, knowing that she was the fourth stage of cancer, she did not feel anything. Because my mother was before and I know how to behave and I think this is a natural thing that has to deal with various diseases To be able to live with her, and now she is discovered that her father is sick of cancer She encouraged her father and introduced the practice Father must be better than me.

In case of sharing my uncle's conversation, Sam published a message when in February 2016 during the chemotherapy period He was cured for a while While you were sitting and waiting for a doctor He met an uncle who was treated at the Suratthani Hospital What Mr. Stric asked me why he shaved me He replied cancer talks to chemotherapy At that time, the uncles were encouraged to leave. Let her be sick Do not be sick Wait, it is better. I'm ready to say how much medicine is a cure We can not fight with our hearts It will end the conversation And you want to stimulate people who are sick or cancer Can fight, starting from your own heart to be strong No need to go to a private hospital. Follow your doctor's advice and make yourself happy without stress. Will be able to get through a bad time and we want to encourage people who are in despair in life to continue doing the best today

At present, Mrs. Supawee or Nong Mind voluntarily responded as a rescue rescuer. The Kusawatthatthaya Suratthani Foundation The EMR Course Passage will be called "First Aid Training and Basic Medical Practice" from Bangkok-Samui Hospital and devoted to society.

Regarding previous work, the teacher returned to the local area through a written test. But I thought when I graduated, Inspection would take place in the area of ​​Surat Thani Province, as Surat Thani Province has yet to be treated.

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Information from Facebook SF Mildky

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