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Knowing! Meat eats bacteria (Not hard to see!) | Siam Rath

At the end of July, there is a course of meat-eating disease) Or calledRotten meat Or a medical term called necrotizing fasciitis in patients in northern Thailand

fromBacterial-eating disease is a bacterial infection in deep skin. From the epidermis layer to the dermis, the fat layer to the muscle tissue layer (fascia) is a very rare condition. It is often found in patients with low immunity and previously had diabetes or cirrhosis

The infection is usually found after an accident that causes ulcers or is caused by contact with an environment containing bacteria such as animal feces, clay, mud. With symptoms starting with fever, pain, swelling, redness, fever and inflammation And increased severe symptoms, respectively, thatIf admitted to early treatment, it may reduce the patient's mortality rate

Cause of rotting meat or bacterial diseases Can be caused by a combination of single or multiple bacterial infections By pathogenic bacteria from

1. Group A streptococci 2. Klebbella (Klebsiella) 3. Chlamydia (Clostridium) 4. E. coli 5. E. Staphylococcus aureus (Staphylococcus aureus) 6. Aerobicas hydrophila and 7. Brio infection (Vibrio)

Early symptoms are pain, swelling, redness, hot skin. Swelling, redness will quickly spread. There may be a compound of water.Later, the color of the skin begins to turn purple and necrosis occurs. When necrosis occurs, patients may experience tingling instead of pain, often with high fever. And bacterial infections in the bloodstream Patients may be shocked and have reduced functioning of different organs. Such as liver, kidney, etc., there are often infections on the hands and feet

As for the diagnosis and separation of the disease, surgery must be performed to remove the tissue from the muscle tissue. Including cutting meat, sending culture to find bacteria that cause disease from other bacterial infections, other tuberculosis, and severe vascular disease that can cause necrosis

For patients with this disease, the mortality rate is 17-49%, depending on the patient's disease and the area of ​​infection. If the patient has low immunity diabetes or cirrhosis It will cause rapid spread of infection An area of ​​infection that is very wide or deep will cause the patient to have a higher mortality rate.

Bacteria eat meat Patients in Thailand Often found every year Basic care tips and simple initial prevention is to be careful not to cause accidents, wounds exposed to a dirty environment. And if there is a contact or accident that causes a wound, immediately rinse it with clean water or soap. And you should not needle it or open the incision yourself Since the device is not clean, it will accelerate the infection to increase or if there is pain, swelling and pain Red hot on the skin Or have a fever, hurry to see a doctor for immediate diagnosis and treatment

Patients with low immunity In addition to diabetes or cirrhosis, there is a high risk of infection and special care must be taken. Learn more at the website of the Dermatological Society of Thailand

Dr. Charat Srisayaphan, Thai Association of Dermatologists Department of Dermatology Hospital School of Medicine Siriraj

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