Wednesday , March 3 2021

Lisa launches a new love child. Sweet. Bang through the trend.

Mother Lisa’s pink cat family is growing again! Look at the new kitten, Lisa BLACKPINK, who is now the fifth cat in the family.

Lisa is known to be an excellent slave to cats, because although all members of BLACKPINK breed dogs, Lisa has since had as many as four (or more) kittens.Leo, Louisa, Louise and Lily But Lisa recently introduced the latest cat to meet again. What’s that person’s name? Lego brother charge

In which Lisa posted a clip while playing with Non Lego on IG Story introducing herself to fans to meet. Although the clip is only 10 seconds long, you can now say that the kitten is playful and cheerful.

Shortly after the Lego release, Baby Lego started gaining popularity all over the world as it immediately became popular among Twitter trends in countries like the Philippines and Thailand .. Noon !!

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