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Magical men, parade, lottery "Mother Niang – Ma nang". Car accident on Ratchaburi

Many people parade the lottery.

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2 years ago The former star Ratchaburi Auto is upside down at Petchkasem Rd. I do not know what to say. Ask to remove the item from the court. Shake Tigers with the same number of 18 with a bank mogul.

61 correspondents reported at 10 am on November 30th. On the curves On the way to Petchkasem old 3, Tha Rab, Muang Ratchaburi has "Mae Niang Mae Nam" court to passers-visit parking lot. And the number is impenetrable. Especially before lottery. Smoke from floating incense in full court for blessing happiness with red water ball Thai wardrobe dress more than 100 sets of courtesy dolls in court. This points to the pleasure of this court. With a long history.

Mr. Manu Bunlum, 75, is at 25 Moo 3, Tambon Tha Buri, Muang Buri, which reveals that Niang Mae or Niang Niang peasants. The area occupied the neighborhood. But by accident, there was an accident close to the side of the yard. Let the car fall down the road. Death of an accident I think the Shrine of Niang is a small field. It's not that big today. Mother was a sister, but she died of the other, but her relatives joined it. Later one officer died in a fire accident. Your glory is celebrated far and wide. Who will persecute the soldiers? If you do not, you will not be able to get it. Drum length Even people coming to the area. They will be happy to come back. And come back with a smile.

Like Mrs. Thanyaluck I'm 62, 78, at home. The tree fell into a small wooden sanctuary, and later the channel was widening. People crashed the court behind the river. I need to help you.

Journalist. At the end of the word. Please help And then the loud sound of the phone rang. Mrs Thanyaluck or my aunt Mia started symptoms like a blackjack. Fortunately, the peasants have been able to follow. By the way, I have to cry to shake my head. "It's awkward, inside is full, I want to open it, some clothes are full of" I'm crying. And he also said that. "I want to be comfortable with the cold wind.

However, the atmosphere was spent the day before the lottery. Mother Niang Mae Nuan still has a lot of people looking for a number. I have to wait for the shake. Including traffic today. Personnel on the front of the court, which is a curve. Fortunately, those who risk their lives will be hurt.

Today's part Of people who risk number 18, the number is. Same as Ziggy, who falls to the goddess Ban Gommo base. They were demolished from Rayong, and they were 11 and 15 years old.

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