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"Manchester United" to win the difficult "Foul" always hurts Burnley: PPTVHD36

Manchester United enters a brutal program In February Starting this week, Lester met with bad news when Paul Pogba had injured

"Manchester United" has beaten the difficult "Pogba" from the game, always Burnley.

Pogba left the field after he finished the match against Burnley 2-2 on Tuesday night. But Manchester United has not yet been injured Injury, how bad it is for the Sun The British media is expected to be injured. Scramble area and thorough scanning from a medical team

Although the results were not known But Manchester United must have little headaches as Pogba is the main character in the Seoul Sharme and the program in February is quite difficult for the Red Devils As the next two League games Leicester will face, PPTV broadcast live this Sunday at 21.05 and still play against Fulham and UEFA. The Champions League will meet with PSG on Tuesday, February 13th.

Despite Pogba's injuries, it is a bit worrisome. But in terms of contract renewal, the main players began to have a good lead, and The Mirror Media in England reported that David de Gea agreed to extend the deal. What will soon be officially signed in the new contract, and the club is expected to pay an additional £ 300,000 a week as previously reported. Will it renew the contract of Anthony Marxayal, which should be officially signed by tomorrow

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