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Men from Yasotho were astonished by the pumpkin's wood like Nage

Yasonyon's young man collects boiling pancakes, stunned. Believe that you are a good sign for yourself on the neck of the lottery Get the numbers from your home number 315

At 15:00 on June 30, 62 journalists entered the area of ​​Mrs. Somporn Bansuwan, 63, number 315, Moo 8, Sam Yaek Subgroup, Loeng Nok Tha, Yasothon Province. Inside the garden next to the house looks like a crooked Naga.

When it arrived, it was found that it was a bundevski farmed place for eating inside the household. The top of the pumpkin top is similar to the top of the top. Seniors who know the news gradually travel to the point of worshiping a large quantity of incense.

Mr Panu Suda Phrom, 29, the granddaughter of the boss, was found by a groom, similar to Naga, who first discovered that he had departed to Mrs. Somporn's garden yesterday evening. The host who planted pumpkins Intending to bring the pumpkins stuffed with roasted pumpkin sauce, oak sauce For dinner to eat Which while collecting the pumpkin He noticed a pile of pumpkins that resembled the coat of arms of Nage in two groups, so he hurried to follow his relatives to see, as long as they all who met him were not astonished because they had never met before.

"He was respected by the snake, so he was extremely shocked. In the past, he saw people meet in coconut trees or banana trees, but this time, for the first time in life, he was found in pumpkin trees. Today, the ceremony was held to ask for a happy number In hope of having a lot of wealth with others In addition, villagers in the village know the news and come to such a degree that they fall incense to happiness. "The villagers questioned the number behind the house," said Mr. Panu.

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