Sunday , April 11 2021

"Naymar" on the Brazilian football team fired most in the SPP: PPTVHD36

Neymar scored last night in the UEFA Champions League, which makes him a Brazilian star. The biggest goal in Europe.

"Naymar" in the Brazilian football fired the most.

Reebok 2-1 in Neymar shot Liverpool. This is the 31st goal of the Brazilian star, 26, raising him to the Brazilian football goal, mostly in the European club cup that overtakes the old Gaga.

Top 3 Brazilians scored the most goals in the UEFA Champions League.

Down in court

1. Naymar 52 31

2. Gaga 86 30

3. Rivaldo 73 27

At the end of the game, Neymar and his fraternal brother, Ally, celebrate Samba's style of dancing in Neymar's cloakroom, in his IG story and fan club. Welcome to the party.

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