Wednesday , February 24 2021

‘Niphon’ pointed out that 3 MPs violated the party’s resolution to wait for ‘Chalermchai’ to run There is still no signal to adjust the locker. – Thai Post

  1. ‘Niphon’ points out that 3 MPs are violating the party’s resolution, waiting for Chalermchai to rule There is still no signal to adjust the locker.Thai Post
  2. NACC prepares for ‘3 MPs to line up’ to clarify this at party meetingNew Delhi
  3. UDD brushed the sword, 3 MPs abstained. Ramesh asked the ‘elder of Anwar’ to have something to talk about at the party.Vanguard newspaper
  4. Speaking of Thailand – ‘Abhisit’ implies that one has to go back a lot. ‘Democrat’ after MPs voted to park ‘Jurin’VOICE TV
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