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Open life for 30 years "Night" and "Diamond" love to hide and hide.

A lover who spent a long time together for big actors Shooter Night And husband Promotion of Phet-Phutipong, Branch On Sakon Nakhon For whom both spouses love 30 years, there are many stories about life Both love to hide It is secretly gone to give birth to a foreign child Serve to break up for man's habits

latest Shooter Night Their husband diamond Open Stories This is happening through the SHOW talk channel channel on the ONE31 channel that has it PK Piyawat and Nui Sujira Like Pathikorn

Some people have never seen the picture you were sitting in for a couple of interviews?

Apartment: "There is no. I do not know anything or maybe because people do not know.

You did not reveal anything?

diamonds: "Open it, that's normal. You did not eat or eat anything?"

Apartment: "Had it been before." It can be forbidden The Star can not have a boyfriend, no husband, so it is so Why do not people see the picture that we are spouses. "

How many years do you live together?

Apartment: "Almost 30 years."

How then did it start to flirt?

diamonds: "At that time it was a rising star, we're a gang of funny people, he's funny without being ridiculous, having a natural"

Apartment: "You're a stupid man, but life is stressful, but in the presence of others, it must be ridiculous.

In the past it was so nice. Choose anything But why is this man?

Apartment: "I do not know, as an angel in heaven."

When did you tell each other?

Apartment: "Nobody said Asking to meet I could not drive a car and buy a car Then he was an actor who did not have a car How much money is happening It started to connect when we let it drive It teaches us to drive some cars"

Do you have to hide everything?

Apartment: "Yes, but he listened to me, do not tell anyone, no news, stop the media, he is the one who follows us all." During that time, you are hot. But I did not want to tell anyone But it's not time yet "

diamonds: – We're not talking to anyone. Sometimes they go to the park under the building. Taken up Sometimes it is waiting for 5 hours. No, that's actually an attempt we're going to flirt with. "

How old were you together?

Apartment: "Two years ago the news was not concerned Concerning we have to record a drama What this does not know is our merit or not We told the kids that if you are with her, do not make a big stomach Because my mother had to record the drama"

And why do not you marry?

diamonds: "At that time, with the picture he shot If we go to the brake, I do not know how it will be.

Have you turned your attention that you will not be open to others, even if you have children?

diamonds: "Yes, are we ready to open and ask him to open?" He said he just did not wait to stop him.

Apartment: "Again, the older house is still an ancient person. Parents still can not accept it, so I have to solve the problem myself."

He took the child to the last scene and went to birth?

Apartment: "So he is nearing end He is still ready to take another photo: Phi Ei Pairog, the owner of that drama He said the offender went away. I can not contact. So I called to say I went to the city outside, so I had a long time to work You have to say it, he said it was okay to leave only two scenes, so he only used the phone.

After that, will you give birth? Are you diamonds?

diamonds: At that time he said we were separated for some time. I'll give birth. "

Apartment: "He was born, he did not know yet, then he was drunk Then he asked for a ID to know how many times Because the child must fill his name until we get tired of coming.

When the child was born, Phi Phi came to see the child. How old is the baby born?

diamonds: He told me to come and I was born here. I was not born in a country out there. We hurried to go. "

So how did Tanin close the news?

Apartment: "There was news that night abortion had some trace, but it's not safe. When I was born, a week, I went back to work."

An Evening Scientist – a diamond telling life.

diamonds: "At that time, those who were at the forefront 1 Have you been forced to give up the night of abortion."

And after a while Why did you decide to share?

Apartment: – He has not repaired yet. He is drunk, flirting, already having a friend, a job that is still late. We work alone, we are tired, we have to feed many people, not just one child. And we want to have someone who wants to help We need the pillars of the house. But he's still funny Fun with friends What we can not tell or change it We need to change. When he was not with him, we left

What is a breakpoint?

Apartment: "Nothing else wants to be cleaned and not at home At that time, she let her mother go. We came back to do our tiredness.

diamonds: "As if they were separated by reason and effect"

How old have you been for a year?

Apartment: "3-4 years can be"

Be reconciled?

diamonds: – Like he wanted to live this way. First we let him go. And then we set our awareness, took care of the kids, and finally we saw that the family had to live together. I tried to adjust everything. Trying to behave normally. "

Apartment: "It is often said that we have to find a child, sometimes with some children, so we see." We started to see that he had paternity. "Then he asked the madman," he said it all the time. "We felt something bad." His teenager then forgives him. the time of moving the room There is no address, we write letters in front of his room. "If you go anywhere, do not go home."

diamonds: "We think we're just separated." Different people are working But we have not interrupted. We are thinking of how to do it. Give the child a mother. "

When are you back together What iron do you have?

Apartment: "Just say that you do not do it anymore." "Before you call, you do not need to be contacted." How do you know it's time to go home? Do not over-drink. "

Where is the most popular drunk style?

diamonds: "That day we did not pick up a car to go with our friends, what we did not know, the car was asleep, we called the driver and he said my things were gone.

Stop it at all?

diamonds: There's still a reason, but he's a little scared. There are restrictions on drinking. "

Amazing love can be changed Do you stop drinking?

diamonds: "At that time, there was another kid, then a 6-month-old boy left for a party on the canal … Oh … the scent of alcohol is very strong. home and playing with a child, I thought that if a car crashed, I did not see an adult child, then stop eating that day "

Have you ever had a lover?

diamonds: "Ask if she is a mistress?" Do not get to a lover It's more a story.

Apartment: – Many of you have overlooked. To the question whether he loved him less Now almost no love. There are only friends. Father of the baby But he wondered if he liked him so much, how could we stop him? All the time it was always Why did we get tired of it? We must make our body and mind healthy. To the question you can still catch him

Oppa Than Pee Phet has gone a long way. Was there a time when Tan Tan gambled?

Apartment: "Yes, during that time we went to sit and watch him play the ball." He told him why he had easy money. We want to be able to play alone. Until He Became a Merchant With a Lot of Shots Another Game He Has No Use, We Must Use It In Instead Of It. And then lend to the question whether it is from that? We went to buy the last place and it lasted all night.

How old is this year?

Apartment: "10 years later we can stop with our own heart." And as we believe in ancient things, drive to the bridge. You look at the water and remove your shirt and pants. And then write the name of the person this person left from this world and dropped the water "

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