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Pilgrim's & # 39; also a Turkish loud shopping mall!

I believe in misfortune. – –

Older son gen. Phanlap Pinmanee, also a famous person in the Turks. From the parking lot on the 8th floor, the Bang Kapi shopping center died. The sister discovered before the incident, sitting in front of the amulet. Suddenly throwing his father's car, Vishri moved away from home. There are police. The Ladprao phone is not the cause of death. As an accident, "Big Pac", the police promise police evidence to confirm the cause. Do not cut the others.

The son of "Panthip Pinmanee" jumped from the parking lot. At 11:30 in the morning, November 10, police at the Pongpheppong police station (investigation) Lopburi arrested a man from the balcony of the car park. Bangkapi District Died Down I have to explore the scene with a police commissioner to set up a deputy director of the young leader. Police Police, Police Officer Colonel Suraphong Police Service Prosecutor's Office (Pat.

Find the corpse on the side of the road next to the passage in the shopping center parking lot. Get to know a 50-year-old man with a thick man wearing a gray shirt shirt Brown pants sleeping on the floor. The car's name after 51-year-old Mr. Pinchmanee is in 24 Soi Chokchai 4, 51 rai and Ladprao in Bangkok. The safety net of the shopping center must bring ropes and steel plates around it. Outside the building to block the passing car. And bring the scene to prevent unrelated people near the scene.

Police Investigation Department Ladprao Police Administration Inspects CCTV in Shopping Center, Mr. Ratchat, Driving Toyota VITZ Red Label Registration -5482 Bangkok parks on 2nd floor of a shopping mall and then moves to the parking lot. 8th floor on top before jumping Witness. After the bumpy car dropped from the building down to the bush near the loop to the parking lot. Also cry with pain and relieve chest pain. I can not breathe Well, hurry to bring my first heart pump. But not the end. Police are investigating another Lp.A. to check where the dead jumped to find the prints on the edge of the balcony. What's the answer to the shoes that the dead put on. There are 2 sheets of paper in the wallet. Write a Style Note, note two daily activities, but no record of this event. It is collected as evidence. The body was sent to an autopsy at the Forensic Institute.

Later, at 16 o'clock, the deceased sister arrived at Ladprao Police Station and discovered that the family was also shocked by the incident. Mr. Rush died, he was the eldest brother of the family. An academic who likes to learn foreign languages. When traveling abroad. There are personalities in the horoscope and superstition. Is it depression or not? In the morning the deceased brought the monks in front of the house. Then he left the house without people in the house to know where to go. Before the police call the police. The cause of this death is not known whether accidents are falling or suicide. Families are confused with new events.

As Pollock Pinmanee provided the information by phone. Approximately 11.30 am Police Department Ladprao said the son fell from the building died. An accident is expected. Not suicide Because death is not a jump. Last night I sat and watched TV with me as I spoke normally. For Mr Rush the car is the eldest son. The other two daughters. I do not care about the cause of this death.

"When I got up early, I did not see Mr Cara, but amulet, he likes to put it on the reception, as usual, he likes to enjoy the place regularly, he drives me to my car, that son is a good disciple. Faculty of Engineering Chulalongkorn University

Then he continued to study engineering master in the United States. Preparation for doctoral study in Germany At the same time,

At the police headquarters, Deputy Minister Krisan Pattanacharoen, he discovered it. Proof of Police Investigators and Police Investigators During a thorough investigation of the scene to determine the cause of death. Officer Chakkrit Chaijinda, deputy chief of staff, investigated the investigation and gathered the evidence clear. Quickly and Honestly Work with Investigators. Show the real cause of death.

It was recorded that Mr. Rush auto Pin Manane, 51, the only son of Gen. Panalee Pinmanee who graduated from the Technical Faculty. Chulalongkorn University Other honorary awards Then a scholarship to a master's degree. Engineering of the United States Preparing for Doctoral Study. Engineering Currently, 82, Sampan, Nakornpath, served as prime minister. PM Yingluck Shinawatra is Prime Minister Former Deputy Director of the Department of Homeland Security, the Political Department (ISOC) and the Advisor to the Minister of Defense. Graduated at the Royal Academy of Chulachomklao (Chapter 7), the same model as Master Srichip Mueangpol, Manuksakit Kajorn, Colonel (Special) Prajaksawangjit, known as a group. Still Turk

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