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Prathat Poonkunpradphon Phadta thanked the KCU for revealing pride in the highest honor

Prathat Poonkunpradphon Phadta thanked the KCU for revealing pride in the highest honor

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His Majesty the King, His Majesty and His Majesty We thank the KKC Working Group of the Dean of Fine Art Discovering that this life is dead Thank you for working for the royal father at will.

January 31, 2019 at the Faculty of Fine Arts Khon Kaen University or KAK Phakru Khotsarananisit Wat Nong Hua Chang Chai Runga Head of Poddistra Dan Nok, Okun Dan Khun Thot, Province of Nakhon Ratchasima. Or Luang Pho Khun Prisuttho, the former Abbot of the Ban Rai Temple, the Dan Khun Thot District, the Nakhon Ratchas Province, initiated a mix of masses of self in the creation of sacred buildings in 1974, commemorative coins, fire extinguishers, Phra Khun Luang in the Ban Rai Temple 2019, also known as will. Like the money, bags and pictures of Luang Pho Khuna for prof. Dr. Niyoma Wongpongkama, dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Applied Arts, KKU, thank the Crew Ceremony Workgroup, Director and Great Teacher Luang Pho Khunu. A special event in 2018, including the Temporary Crematorial Fire Ceremony, Nong Waeng Temple, Phra Aram Luang Inside the Island Behind the Water Behind the Northeast Buddhist Monastery and Floating on Tuesday in the Mekong River What Is The Process That Luang Por Khun Is Despised Completed in the whole picture

Prof. Dr. Niyom Wongpongkam, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Applied Arts, KKU, said at this point, different steps. All was completed as described in the OWA as head of a working group to create temporary cremation creeps in the fire fighting Luang Por Khuna who worked with hundreds of working groups from all sectors Plan to work together since you congratulated Everyone should think, think, help each other, help each other in solving the problem Listening to all the reasons and all that has happened must be in accordance with the will of Luang Pho Tang Working Group in fire victims must work together to remove the will of Luang Pho. You've Recorded Videos and Made a Will for Evidence Until the Temporary Crematorial Madrasi Link Ternbussabok, at the Top of Phra Sumen, As People Across The World See and Recognize

Today, various tasks end when birds are burned together with your body. Our work is over. For the collection of bones and floating ash, the responsibility of the Faculty of Medicine in the present work of the Faculty of Fine Arts In coordination with the Department Have discussions with Prof. Dr. Kittichai Triratanasirichai, president of the KKU, professor Prof. dr. Chanchai Phanthongwiriyakul Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, prof. Dr. Supawattanakorn Wongthanawas, Dean of the High School of Local Government, including responsible, including students at Luang Por Khunu, and talked about receiving this important task every day.

"But it releases and relaxes me when I'm lost, tired and dead. I'm sleeping in this life." Is this Grandma Kamman Wong Kanchanarat, 94, sister Luang Por Khuna? On the day of the fire and on the day of ash ashes, Luang Pho Khun, Grandma asked who created this bird. Allow me to meet Grandma's commitment to hugging me. What can I feel the embrace of my grandmother who gives sincerity and warmth and tells me to thank the royal father With these people from Korat, whom I have heard this time, I and all the working groups have been exhausted from work and preparation for more than 3 years. A monk who you love and respect people around the world who have chosen the KKU in this greatest honor. "

Prof. Dr. Niyom further said that today is the name of the KCU university that maintains tradition and tradition in Isana. Totally and perfectly, it is important not to say that they are Honorable and to believe that all Isans will be proud of that Luang Por Khun Created a lecture for people around the world to be aware of the northeast. In the offering of fire, Holy High Priest, Superior Monk, Madee Link Bird or Bird Monkey In the Ismanical language the original may not be known. But today, Isan Science and Isaan culture have become famous and the world is interested and wants to learn it again.

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