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Que Run Unique runners Sukhothai marathon over joins over 6500 runners for the world heritage.

Once again, running on the UNIQUE World Heritage Trail continues to go on. "Running for the World Heritage" in the ninth year titled "Unique Run of the Sukhothai Marathon 2019", which the runners declared the 5th best marathon event in 2017, from which the fans are going. This year is held on Sunday, June 30, 2019, in the historic Sukhothai Park. And run on the invaluable road of Thailand's world heritage to attract tourists, both Thai and foreign, to see the beautiful beauty of the world's heritage to be preserved. It also promotes sports tourism for leading activities in the country. Focus on the distribution of income for local and tourist destinations in Thailand, and this year the organizers Received the Mercy of His Majesty King Kanitathathira Division of HRC Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn His Majesty The Royal Trophy For all marathon race awards (male-female )

Maitree Tritilanan, governor of Sukhothai Province, together with Mr. Apiwato Tubtimtom, Thailand's Sukhothai Tourist Board Director, Mrs. Thada Sangthong, Director of Sukhothai Historical Park and Ritsuo Fukazawa, President of ADK Thai Holding, Ltd., opened a unique racing race at Sukhothai Marathon 2019 ., running for heritage. This World Constructs an uninterrupted ninth year on June 30 in Sukhothai Historical Park. With runners from all over Thailand And strangers Come and take over with more than 6,500 participants.

Mr. Maitri Tritilanan, the provincial governor of Sukhothai, said Sukhothai province together with Thailand's tourist administration Local government organizations and government agencies in all regions of Sukhothai and Unique Running Team, Daiichi Kikaku (Thailand) Co., Ltd., jointly organize activities "Run for World Heritage "at the" Unique Running Sukhothai Marathon 2019 Presents by UnionPay "in the Sukhothai Historical Park This is the 9th year of the year and then won the royal cup. CHC Crown Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn In addition to running for health and learning about the ancient city that is a source of Thai people Including touching architecture that is very beautiful This year, the Sukhothai Historical Park will be the 28th anniversary of its registration as a world cultural heritage.

In addition to being satisfied with the world heritage Everyone still has full merit. Some of the revenue from the application will be used to purchase Sukhothai Historic Park maintenance equipment in the future. In addition, runners are also experiencing many other special activities such as enjoying the "tram ride, watching the old town," folklore events, and more importantly, we organize the event "Sukhothai Art and Craft" organized by TAT. Sukhothai activity See demonstrations and sell art and craft products produced by people of Sukhothai. Make a new piece of work that remains unique to Sukhothai. By applying traditional products to customize style, add techniques, works to be more modern, such as pottery, porcelain, cartoon pattern Jewelry, necklaces, earrings from the skirt, such as lai sai Ceramic and porcelain jewelery There are DIY activities for tourists to participate in creating works such as painting, painting, handbags, drawing like drawing cartoons, hundreds of bells, delicious with various selected dishes for everyone to try and taste. Sukhothai noodles, poppy rice, bruang, retro, folk music Experience the aura of Sukhothai art and culture. Enhance the convenience of a candle burning in the Mahathat Temple, look at the legendary Sukhothai legend from the Sukhotai people. Sound and light emission (Mini light and sound) etc.

As for the race form in the "Unique Marathon Sukhothai 2019", this will be divided into 4 categories to accommodate all runners, including the marathon (42,195 km), the baht, semi-marathon (21,1 km), the mini marathon. (10 km) and walking – running for health or entertainment (3.5 km) The competition prize will be divided into male and female categories and ages 1 to 5 with special prizes. For the club that sends the most members to join Awarding the Elegant Dresses of Ancient Ayutthaya and My Favorite Family

For this great event, organized by the unique team of Good Sport, with official sponsors. UnionPay, Isuzu, Mono 29, Mthai, Bangkok Airways, Swan Insurance and many others with numerous awards. Let the runners gather to have fun.

In addition to activities within the event It also has a booth from a sponsor such as UnionPay This comes with activities Unlimited Gift Certificates Special Privileges only for UnionPay cardholders, as is suitable with a special Fast Track tape to receive competing equipment sets, delicious food after the competition relaxation in the Relaxing Area tent, etc. Users who hold the UnionPay card can track other specialties Much more in case
For the results of the competition in various categories as follows
42.195 km Marathon, Over All Men, Yisawad Lo Phirun from Chiang Rai, Statistics 3.01.37 Hours and Female Type, Wimolphan Sangkhan, Statistics 3.25.34 Hours.

Polumaraton at a distance of 21.1 km, over all male types, Mr. Methee Khampalak, statistics 1.27.39 hours and female type, Sukmanee Chai Wichit, statistics 1.49.06 hours.

Distance from the minimum marathon 10.5 km, over all male types, Mr. Wachara Salarak, statistic 42.07 minutes and female type, Kalya Wong Dao, statistics 52.37 minutes.

In addition, runners can check the results of the unique Sukhothai marathon 2019 World Heritage race presented by UnionPay at

For the next World Heritage race, "The Unique Race of Ayutthaya Marathon 2019" was held on Sunday, December 1, 2019. This application is already open. Interested ones can ask for more details. And sign up for joining good activities at Dai-Ichi Kikaku (Thailand) Co., Ltd, call 0-949-2855 or or FB: uniquerunning and Line @ goodsportsthailand

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