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Reconstruction of "Jeena" for the next four years.

Reporters reported that Thailand's Airport (AOT) reported Burzi Thailand Session of the Steering Board on November 30 The Steering Board approved the extension of Mr. Jitrinsirija Sirimong's mandate. General Director For another 4 years, from April 20, 2062 to April 19, 2023, he appointed a subcommittee for negotiations on the benefits and terms of the contract.

Mr. Dejin April 21, 2015 AOT will hold its position on April 20, 2015, although many important missions are being held. Including the auction of duty-free auctions at the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Before King's old concession, the Power will end September 27, 2020.

Before that, Mr. Jintana interviewed business people. TOD Duty Free is coming soon. By January 2062, all auctions had to start. If you're tired of this. The winner takes about a year to prepare.

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