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Review, Wiko View 3 Lite, complete mobile phone, beautiful, double camera, pays only 3,690 blah

Go back and find a review from Sanooka! Hitech again in this review article with a mobile phone at a price of 3,000 mediums with the latest version of Wiko View 3 Lite. And is the price exactly what will disappear?

Open the Wiko View 3 Lite box

The opening of this cell phone has to say that Wiko came from France. Din mode and value for money So the content that Wiko provides in this mobile box

  • Wiko View 3 Lite
  • Clean the protective case
  • Protective foil for front and back
  • Manual / Warranty
  • USB cable
  • Headphone cable
  • Power supply of the machine charger

Appearance and Design Wiko View 3 Lite

Beginning with the front side of the device, comes with an IPS LCD resolution of 1520×720 pixels or HD +, along with the overall image decoration, smooth and easy to use in one hand.

The upper part has a front 5-megapixel camera with a sensor. Leave the camera to drip, and the top has a loudspeaker.


At the bottom of the screen is the Android operating system control. If you want to choose the traditional button, you can go to Settings> Wiko Feature> Navigation Bar to press gray. Will you get the original button, Back home and Recently but the new one is easy to use, just the left button Back to the left. Switching 1 time to new apps to switch applications If you want to select applications to re-move Step


The edges of the machine are chrome-plated, and on the left side there is a slot for the Nano SIM card with 2 slots and MicroSD input.


The right side has a volume adjustment button, and the power button that has a good size is not too small.

The top has a 3.5 mm headphone jack and is nicely arranged.


The lower part comes with a microphone, MicroUSB slot, loudspeakers, and the microphone is on the left.


Turn back, the device will find a dual rear camera, a left-angle LED flashlight, a manuscript scan system, and a Wiko logo and a back cover that is beautiful and available in many colors.

Charge / weight / color sold in Thailand


For Wiko View 3 Lite mobile phones, the device is not too big and light, it is also good, it also comes with a hand-selected design, even if it has a slightly bulging camera. But the final image of the machine is considered Perfect in all aspects of design. If you are looking for a shortage, there is a material that is chrome. Although it looks luxurious But it's very easy to copy

The color of the device comes in 3 colors: Blue Night Blue (Blue), Blush Gold >> Where to bring reviews, Arctic Bleen (Silver / Bleen)

Turn on the performance tester

Profile of Wiko View 3 Lite

  • Share (length x width x thickness): 155.5 x 73 x 8.7 mm
  • Weight: 160 grams
  • Water and dust protection: –
  • Screen: 6.09-inch IPS LCD with a resolution of 1520×720 pixels
  • Unisoc SC9863A chipset, Octa-Core 1.6GHz PowerVR IMG 8322 GPU
  • Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 B / G / N, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, A-GPS
  • Operating system: Android 9.0 Pie (Stock ROM)
  • Security system
    • Set the fingerprint scan sensor to the screen
    • Install Face Detection System
  • 2 rear camera: 13 million pixels + 2 million pixels (depth sensor)
  • Front camera: 5 million pixels
  • Battery: 4000 mAh (microUSB)
  • RAM / Capacity: 2 GB RAM / 32 GB Memory Increase the amount of memory over a 256GB microSD.
  • Color: blue, night blue (anthracite blue), blush gold >> Color taken for review, Arctic Bleen (silver / white)

Performance Experiment

For Antutu's result, this can be achieved at 73855 points.

Tests via Geekbench 4 can be done in one-way mode at 828 dots, and Multi Core can be executed at 3468 dots.

Not so high. But not too inferior Since the trial of ROV, Real Racing 3 or various games, it was found that the image response was within an acceptable range. It can not be very nice But it still gives good fluidity

Link / Try navigation

This mobile phone has WiFi connectivity, it is also a standard 802.11 N Single Band with Bluetooth 4.2 and is connected to the GPS system, making navigation perfect.

Visual and audio display

Although the Wiko View 3 Lite screen just 6.09 inches, HD + or 1520×720 pixels, looks a bit smaller, but still good in the Wiko View 3 Lite screen, it's IPS LCD, gives good light, creates movies or plays sharp-colored games

The sound system is still normal, but the speakers still respond well and support the FM radio with the headphone jack.

Outstanding operating system / features / security systems

Operating system Wiko View 3 Lite still uses Android Pie with Android Stock decoration that does not adapt much. The good result is the machine speed that works well. It also comes with the latest security patch.

Internal features In addition to the calculator, the voice recorder has a simple way to make it all the more, and Smart Foilo when using a closed box will display more information on the screen and many other Google applications, including a number of smart phone calls. which give the goods better than the price

Security In addition to the fingerprint scanning system, there is a face scanner system.

Turn on the camera Try to record.

Wiko View 3 Lite It is a mobile phone that gives the camera full equipment as it has a dual rear camera.


  • 13 Megapixel Main Camera with Auto Focus
  • The other camera is a rear lens or a 2-megapixel depth sensor.
  • With LED flash

It can be called a mobile phone that has a cost of less than 4000 blahs, can find several models that will have a double back camera

The look of the feature in the photo

For the look of the camera, Wiko View 3 Lite is still a simple design. Change the way you press the icon, but there is no self-tuning Pro module, but there is at least an auto-tuning of the scene, and with the HDR complete, the front camera still looks very different.

Try to record in different ways.


Daily work works well and AI Scene works only with the color of an image that may not be very bright. It is expected to be part of the image sensor system


The night is good. Shooting a light night scene can have a bit of noise, but the overall picture is well done.


Other Types of Photography Regardless of the food picture, people have simpler ways of using and images are considered good. Especially after melting

Try video recording using Wiko View 3 Lite.

For video recording with Wiko View 3 Lite, support for Full HD 30 FPS video recording and without EIS.

What is the 5 megapixel front camera of the Wiko View 3 Lite?

img_20190627_185051174 "height =" 700

The front camera of this mobile phone has a size of 5 million pixels, with the latter melting, but unfortunately there is no Beauty Mode attached.

Using a battery / charging system


As far as mobile phone batteries are concerned, this model is quite heavy up to 4000 mAh. And when you're experimenting with the battery testing program, it's proven that it can take up to 12 hours, but actual use, if many games are played, may be outdated. But if not very difficult Just focus on incoming calls and Social can stay all day.

And the power system has returned bad news This model does not provide a fast charging system It will take a while for the battery to charge.

After Sanooka Hitech, the team tried Wiko View 3 Lite for a while.

For mobile phones such as Wiko View 3 Lite, this is considered a complete specification. In addition, it comes with an Android Pie double duplex camera. The overall function of the device is quite unusual. He called the full price

With the Wiko View 3 Lite at 3,690, it is considered the latest mobile phone in the group. If you want a new mobile phone that's interesting This is another interesting option.


  • Large screen and affordable price
  • Performance is good, though the CPU may not be known.
  • New operating system
  • Complete features
  • The battery is very tough.
  • At this price, the rear camera is also on.


  • They are still worried about updating
  • There is no quick charging
  • The color of the camera is not very bright.

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