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Samsung has generously expanded its Galaxy A80, a special series of 19

Samsung Raise a blogger call! Increase the number and extend the reservation time. "GalaxyA80 I watch Active I Buds Blackpink Edition " A special set for true lovers of 4 black girls. After the first lock is reserved for a short time

This is the last chance that you will have a special smartphone in exclusive design. Because Samsung Jaide extended the booking time to Black Pink fans' requests. From 19-21. July 2019 to 4 specialties that you will get from the set "Galaxy A80 Blackpink Edition " Including the 1st A80 Galaxy model, the Blackpink Special Edition Black and Pink Edition with the Blackpink logo behind the device Including themes, animations, special launches and cute Blackpink girl labels, special designs available only on this model. Look at the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Black Pink 3. Galaxy Buds headphones, special colors, black, pink and finally 4.Blackpink Mini album "Kill this love" random version

Not just that! The Samsung Galaxy A80 comes with a 1 year warranty in case of breaks or cracks, worth up to 3,500 blahs. Get simple privileges by signing up with the Galaxy app. Gift under the terms of the Galaxy A80 Blackpink Release is open for reservations at a special price of 32,990 blahs Can pay 0% up to 24 months Can be booked from 19th to 21st July 2019 At Samsung Online Store / galaxy-a80-special and Samsung Join Brandshop

Galaxies 80 This is a smart smartphone that comes with an innovative rotating triple camera, the world's first 3-camera rotating camera. This will give you a new experience in capturing beautiful images with the highest contrast, and the front and back camera also comes with many fun features of the photo. Both Ultra Lenses Wide, whether you shoot Selfie or record the latest camera It can open the image more widespread than before and also have a Live Focus mode that not only captures photos It can also be used for video capture Allows you to enjoy your photos using smartphones in a way that has never been before.

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