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Send dead dead "Chuchata's" millionaires millionaires to investigate and uncover a great command

Send dead

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"Big Toi-Virachai Songmetha" Order Mae Rome Police Station forensic etiology Maharaj Nakorn Hospital Chiang Mai

On February 1, 62, the reporter reported on the progress of death by Mr. Chuchata Kalme Phichita, 79, billionaire owner Mae Sa Slon's camp, Mae Ram Subdistrict, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai Province. Progress in the afternoon on January 31, General-Major Virachai Songmetta Lieutenant Boonsong Wit, Dr. Saeng, Police Station Mae Rim Continue on the request of the Chuchat's request for bodyguard Kalme Phichita, the elephant's elephant He went to do the seizure to find the cause death

About 3 pm on January 31 police officers led by Pol.Gen Boonsongwit Chansaeng, police station Mae Rim. Lieutenant Manaschai Inthanan, Deputy Investigator and Colonel Colonel Pasakorn Pakpingmuang, deputy investigator, along with numerous police forces, traveled to St. John's Church. Nicholas. Village of Thung Luang, Okrug Mae Ram, Okrug Mae Rim, where Mr. Chuchata's body is located. Prohibited journalists to follow them Negotiations lasted for 2 hours, still unsuccessful They contacted Mrs. Anchalee Kalma Phichit, 51, older daughter in negotiations But Mrs. Anchalee she refused to be a police officer and therefore could not agree

Later, the department of relatives who did not bring the dead body Requested to have a discussion to be understood first The police still insists on bodies lowering. But she also gave her the opportunity to reach out to her relatives and asked her to look at the body to avoid the suspicion. Then the police withdrew.

What a journalist was waiting at the entrance to the village Attempt to Ask Way Lieutenant Boonsong Wit, Dr. Saeng, Police Station Mae Rim No, the police officer immediately approached the car, which Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Manat Chai in Thandana, deputy minister of education, was one of the Jera team and found the verbal command was good. But ask the lawyer he trusts Go to the conversation with all parties that the comments are not consistent Let's get in the process When entering the process What's to do next is easy.

As for this, the police will freeze the body that will be sent. Ask him to talk first. Police seek as soon as possible Police confirms to follow the steps Will not break the process Because there are people who open the problem to properly open the story Police must correct But police will avoid his arguments

– We work as a broker. He has disagreement. One wants to take The man does not want to take it. We have to find laws that are neutral. Clearly, it must be taken "

Reporters reported this at Last Hours at 10 pm on January 31 Pol.Lt. Boonsong Wit, Saeng Room, Mae Rim Police Station, along with Lieutenant Colonel Manathai Chai Inthanan, Deputy Minister and Colonel Pasakorn Pakpingmuang, Deputy Investigative Commissioner, issued a letter suspending the body. Travel upward to respect the body and re-negotiate. The relative was able to complete the mass and give the body to Mr. Chuchat. To knock down the autopsy as it wants the petitioner By bringing the body to the Department of Judicial Medicine Maharaj Nakorn Hospital Chiang Mai It results in the carcass dissection Notifies the police and notifies them only to their relatives

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