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Shine 4 features of HarmonyOS before actual use

Finally officially unveiled at Huawei's Developer Conference "HarmonyOS" eachHuawei's latest operating system, which is expected to be used to replace Google's Android operating system, to avoid a trade war between China and the United States itself.


HarmonyOS is a simple but powerful operating system. Huawei will start using this operating system with various smart devices such as Smart Watch, Smart TV (Smart Screen), in-vehicle systems. And intelligent speakers Huawei expects that the development of this operating system will help consumers using Huawei products. Enjoy the experience of constantly using the device Safe Compatible with all devices

1. Work continuously on all devices: HarmonyOS is the operating system for the First Distributed Operating System (Smart Device) can work with any device.

HarmonyOS is an operating system that can support intelligent features, including a platform for shared communication, distributed data management, distributed task scheduling, and virtual peripherals. Additionally, software developers can focus on developing different features. From application completely Without needing to study the details of application development to suit different devices in detail It also allows the distribution or presentation of applications for different types of devices. It's easy Because this operating system has an OS-distributed operating system architecture and supports distributed virtual bus technology, applications for this operating system can be used continuously with different devices.

2. Work seamlessly with technology Certain delays and high performance IPCs

HarmonyOS uses fixed delay technology and high-performance intercommunication (IPC) technology for smooth operation, and fixed delay technology will help determine the order of operation and set a timeframe for executing various commands. Advance Allowing system resources to handle the most important tasks first Reduce application delay by up to 25.7%. In addition, Huawei's microconductor is also compatible with IPC technology, resulting in 5 times higher performance than other operating systems.

3. High security: redefine security from the core of the system using Microkernel.

HarmonyOS uses the latest microkernel architecture. It's safer and smoother than ever before and simplifies the development of the core of the system due to microkernels
He will be responsible for developing the core of the system to support critical functions such as assigning a sequence of commands to the threads and the IPC system

The HarmonyOS micro-kernel of the operating system has a formal verification system that works on a trusted execution environment (TEE), which is a new concept for system security and reliability. Formal verification systems that work Create a data model to validate all pieces of software. And use mathematical algorithms to check the accuracy of the system from the source. This is different from a traditional verification system, such as a functional check or Attack simulation, which cannot fully verify security.

HarmonyOS is the first operating system to have a formal verification system running on TEE, which significantly raises the security level. Because this operating system contains fewer lines of code used for development than other operating systems Due to the use of the Microkernel system, there are fewer code lines than an operating system developed by the Linuxkernel up to 1 in 1,000, which gives HarmonyOS significantly less system vulnerability than other operating systems.

4. Develop one application, you can use each device with ID for multiple devices.

HarmonyOS supports Multi-Device IDE, a system that supports multiple computer languages ​​and has an architecture that supports the development of specific applications. The operating system can adjust the size according to the screen. Management Sergeant Or Tools for Automatically Interacting with Different Customers Supports both drag and drop. It also includes an overview of virtual software in the development process Software developers can reduce the time it takes to develop software to support all devices, as a multi-device IDE allows software developers to write a series of instructions only once, using their software across devices. Which uses the HarmonyOS operating system and also improves the functionality of different devices seamlessly to a new level

The HUAWEI ARK Compiler is the first static compiler to be as powerful as the virtual machine of the Android operating system. This will allow developers to compile complex code that will make converting the system into easy code for quick and easy operation.HUAWEI ARK Compiler is very useful for developers.

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