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Sian Ake, who hired "100 Choeng Sing Mawin" to crash boxing

From the case of Mr. Chumthong's 20-year-old, a boxer, Camp Singh Mawin, known as "Sto Choeng Sing Mawin," handed over to the investigative officer. After boss Singha Win Announce Penalty Persecution of Boxing Combat Claiming That He Was Engaged by Mr. Woraphat Ratsirom Somphot or Xian Ek, Falling Boxing With 60,000 Bahts

In the battle of December 20, 61, at the Battle of Somsom at the Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium, A. Campaign is a boxing match. "Choeng Choeng Sing Mawin" can be called superior. The struggle that day revealed that "Sto Choeng Sing Marwin" was hit and run out of exhaustion. He refused to hit until he won the score As we reported earlier

Reporters reported that Mr. Woraphat or "Xian Ek" handed over to police officer Nang Leang police station under the arrest warrant issued by the Criminal Tribunal in South Bangkoku on Monday.

Preliminary "Xian Ek" rejects any claim and request to be solely in court Officials have daily recorded and because the accused went to the police. Therefore, he has the right to apply for a bail, the police then approved the bail. Since then, Nang Leang police investigator will gather evidence to accompany the phrase. After you finish, arrange a meeting with "Xian Ek" at the Criminal Court in the south of Bangkok. To proceed with legal proceedings

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