Sunday , June 20 2021

"Srisuwan" on the election of the Board of Directors to run private companies in the MCOT media.

Sri Suwanjaja, Secretary-General of the Thai Federation of Constitutional Rights Associations, November 11, found that after the association investigated corrupt corruption in state-owned companies operating in the form of public utility companies on the stock exchange. It was found that MCOT Public Company Limited is a state-owned company. And that's the job of journalism. Under government supervision. Controversial and unspoken about sponsorship of various types of media for sustainability brands or Sastainable Brands 2018, Bangkok on October 12 and 13, Channel 9, MCOT HD, 96.5 MHz FM radio, online media, page 9, Entertainment and page 9, MCOT HD, for private companies conferred with conference privileges. One of the independent MCOT directors claims the image was created for Channel 9 MCOT HD and requested a 100% discount for MCOT. CPRC 2018.

"The use of authority in favor of MCOT's Board of Directors is contrary to Article 51 of the MCOT Public Limited Company Law, as it has been recognized by MCOT Plc. More Protection of Interest Major Shareholders and Major Shareholders This is also a circumstance that may be in contravention of regulations, announcements, regulations and regulations of the Securities Commission or the Securities and Exchange Commission or the Thai Stock Exchange, "Mr. Srisuwan said.

Mr. Srisuwan said that. The association will appeal to NCC to investigate the work of such directors and board of directors. And the president, MCOT and all relevant administrative centers are useful. Damage to the state. The trip will be filed on November 13 at NCC's office, Sanambinang Road, Nonthaburi, to actually appear. In addition, there will be an objection to the NCC's announcement to support the University Council. There is no need to lodge property liabilities.

Source: Matichon Online

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