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TECNO Mobile Expands Distribution Channels in Thailand Geographic Coverage

TECNO Mobile Expand your sales channels in Thailand, increase sales coverage across the country, and support more customer services, accelerate brand awareness on the Thai smartphone device market.

TECNO Mobile expands distribution channels in Thailand

Techno MobileTECNO Mobile) Chinese leading smartphone brand Continues to expand the market in Thailand. Recently named AI ALLIANCE Co., Ltd. is an official supplier of smartphone techno mobile. Expand distribution channels across Thailand. Accelerate awareness of the brand. The success of the smartphone market in Thailand in the first five years and move forward to provide a smart phone of the highest quality. Including a special warranty of 12 + 1 months after sale for all techno mobile smartphones.

TechnoMobile focuses on delivering quality smart phones that come with the most advanced technology at affordable prices. People love and follow new technology. It will find a smart phone of the mobile phone such as the front and rear camera with a resolution of 13 megapixels and unique features for the Thai market. The price is less than 5,000 baht.

TECNO appoints AI Alliance as distributor partner

Mr. David Chen, Country Manager, Techno Mobile "Today, techno-mobile sells 5 smartphones in Thailand: CAMON CM, SPARK CM and 3 other POP models, including POP 1 Pro, POP 1S Pro and POP 2. POP series is a new smartphone on the market, and because of its outstanding quality, comes with high quality available POP smart phones have received a very positive response. "

"In cooperation with AI Allianz Limited, we will help increase our sales and distribution channels, product and access to smartphone customers in all of Thailand's regions, and we are confident that the technology-mobile brand will be well-known and with product quality that will boost sales growth again . "

By 2017, TechnoMobile had an average sales of around 120,000 units worldwide. As a result, IDC has become one of the world's leading smartphone manufacturers, according to IDC's Third Quarter Report in 2018, TRANSSION, CNET Mobile is ranked fourth in the world in the first quarter of this year. With a market share of 7%, while Counterpoint's second quarterly report this year, TechnoMobile is ranked as the 10th largest smartphone smartphone in the world. with

The heart of this success stems from development and research (R & D). The company is trying to be a technology leader on a daily basis, and Techno Mobile uses the latest technology. Listening to customer needs. And offers top smartphone devices. And suitable for the local market. Allows users to keep up with the latest achievements. It also points out the point of sale of the brand under the concept Expect more or if you have more than expected.

With the expansion of distribution networks across the country. Customers can also order mobile phones from TECNO Mobile via Lazade, Shoppee and JD Central.

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