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Tee-Nawapol gives Magic Moment as souvenirs to friends from Mate to Mate

"Magic Moment" is a souvenir for a friend, revealing the concept of "From Mate to Mate" with a view to the art of relationship that is associated with "time" and "momentum".

Huawei Mate 20 Series

HUAWEI Mate 20 Series x Nawapol

If food is one of the four factors in human life, then physical "Relationships" and "Friendship" are one of the four factors in human life. In hundreds of thousands of social animals we have to deal with every day. Almost half has to be about managing relationships between family lovers, more or less.

HUAWEI Mate 20 Series x Nawapol

I believe many people would ask before returning from abroad. "What to buy to leave a good friend?" That is why the deposit became part of the art of relationship management. Each deposit has different meanings. While some people think that buying a Tokyo banana or cosmetic set is a souvenir to make friends smile but look. toeNawaphumrong Ratanrit The director thinks the best "souvenirs" should not be bought with money. But the most valuable thing is that the mind of the recipient is "time" and "moment" or that Tee calls it. "Magic Moment"

Magic Moment The Director's Meaning is a magical moment that happens accidentally and disappears in a fraction of a second, or simply, of nature or whatever happens.

HUAWEI Mate 20 Series x Nawapol

This is the core of the story that Tee-Nawap has in hundreds and is transmitted through the latest art of short film.
Special projects "HUAWEI Mate 20 Series x toeNava General" In the title "Souvenir" Now it's over a million views. Tee-Nawap has partner HUAWEI Mate 20 series of short-film recording partners in Japan. "Usually the souvenirs we buy to friends or important people, when we travel to other places, most toys, cosmetics, souvenirs, or tangible items, but I look. & # 39; Best Souvenir is Time & Moment & # 39; Good times are the best souvenirs I can not remember to remind us of important people at home. "

HUAWEI Mate 20 Series x Nawapol

souvenir Born from the word concept. "From Mate to Mate " A short film that conveys a story in reality. During a friendship between Te and his friends, while one was happy while traveling to Japan, he did not forget to send happiness back to his friends at home with the videos that saved him. Flash disks are then sent by mail. That's right. "I would like to share the story of the relationship between friends who are looking at each other, and the connection is to send happiness by mail, the recipient has to wait a little longer. , only 100%, allowing you to keep the Magic Moment in just a few seconds, as we can not foresee long-lasting images, this will happen when you open a dialog between our friends coming directly, with smaller devices breaking the wall and limiting the size of the big camera. many lenses, so do not wear a lens, and the battery is weather-resistant and as an important director Huawei's cameras are very effective Near a movie that can download a HUAWEI Mate 20 series to adjust the image as a color image captured with a movie camera to get the same movie effect as the picture and the mood I want to communicate. "

HUAWEI Mate 20 Series x Nawapol

page Charnvit Kiwanawatwongsa Chief Marketing Officer, Huawei Consumer Business Group, Thailand. "A short story Souvenir is the first time that Huawei's hand is with professional filmmakers, People have a very interesting story, and for Dee, this is the first time that a smartphone is used to record a short film, with Sevonoir and Mate to Mate. The Series is a tool that conveys meaningful moments from friends to friends because Mate Series is based on the mindset of the friend of the user's phone You do not have to close the story so that the story is very impressive, then I've seen it every time you must leave the magic moment to leave your friends. "

One day we went to the lovely one. Then send the picture or video back home to see it with us, maybe it's something precious and unforgettable. This is the moment when we think of them when we are happy to discover a new "deposit" today. A 7-minute short film shot by the HUAWEI Mate 20 Series that can break the limits of a smartphone by creating high-quality video files that can now be upgraded to the movie. or Ready to watch short movies under. It will be posted on the fans' Facebook page. HuaweiMobileTH

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