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Word mid-week! Thai Futsal League 2019, match 3, football match 7 games, audience, Tha Kham cold room Seeing the home team make a big match against Bangkok BTS, who won 2 matches in a row. Port Authority Raise a big force to jump from Samut Sakhon, who still can not find a win, while PTT Blue Wave Chonburi must attack the Kasem Bundit University, which has to take 3 points. The University of the Coast There is a tough battle for Surat Thani On a device that is plugged into the Motorway Department waiting for the Royal Navy to win "Sergeant" Jedadu Chudet about whether to be able to help the team or not. Nonthaburi lost from Bangkoka and derby, East Sisaket Match Game on Wednesday, April 10
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Futsal Thai League 2019 will have a match for the match in the middle of the week. This is the field in the third match on Wednesday, April 10, with 7 matches
Tha Kham's Room – Bangkok BTS
Start from the first pair at 14:30. It is played at Tha Kham Sanam Chai Cold, Samut Sakhon Province, in the Bangkok BTS fight by Thai Rath TV and AIS Play application and AIS Play Box Live. The defender's results were good when they won 2 games with 7-3 strikes, and the last game was 2-1 victory over PTT Blue Wave, Chonburi. There are 6 points as well as a defeat of Samutsakorna 1-0 and Nonthaburi 5-1.
The cold room of coach "Huata coach" Chakrapopa Huada Srija has no problems with the players. He still holds the main set from the previous game, led by Ampol Srakaew, Nonthaporn Pho Pho, Khathawut Phuphan, and Wendelda Silva, the wing of the Bangkok BTS, holding a large army waiting to resolve, no matter how Panya Wiset , the evolution of Thai Charoen, Muhammad Umman Musa, worshiping Watcharin, and two Brazilian competitions such as Papao and Cristiano da Cruz are considered to be great games that play must definitely be close and fun.
This double record last year, the first game, Bangkok BTS won 3: 2, the second draw 2-2.
Motorway Department – The Royal Thai Navy
In the area, the commune of Plai Bang in the Nonthaburi province Motorway Department will "sail the Royal Navy at 4.30 pm Live broadcast on AIS Play application and AIS Play Box Who is Bangkok City 0-0 and loses from Port 3 -6, Royal Navy still does not win Surat Thani 4-4 before defeating Thammasat 3-8
The state of the Motorway Department under control Wisan Maivichita continued to focus on the main football series. Combined with Thai football, led by Chamlum Khet, Natee Thusiri and Chirasin Sikeng, the Royal Thai Navy under Suraphong Thompe, this game must be "Sergeant" Jetsada Chudet. Can this team help the team, who, if it could, make that team stronger? But if you do not have to use the same set to continue
This pair of statistics last year, the first section of the highway department wins with 8-0 and the second section of the highway got 4-1.
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Nonthaburi – Bangkok City
At Lamphun Stadium at 16.30 pm The Bee Destroyer Futsal Club from Nonthaburi will watch the house as "Dragon God" Bangkok City
The willingness of the home team of Nonthaburi lost 2 games in a row against PTT Blue Wave, Chonburi 8-0 and Bangkok BTS fired 5: 1. This match, coach Sivanat Rueangsilpprasert can not adapt much to the team. Main footballer, Attapol Taeng Rom, continues to control the game with Thid Nai, Green Medicine and Green Day.
As far as Bangkok is concerned, the visiting team has always had 2 matches, pulling off the Highway Department 0-0 and the newest draw, Sing Samutsakorn 2-2. This game, "Coach Tom" Jirawat Hom, smells, no problem organizing the army. Guided by the butt of the butt, Gwynilil Thanalert, along with the well-known brush and head of the Brazilian Army, Bruno and NATO, who are ready at any time to create a danger for the host
Thammasat Youngbad – Surat Thani
At 18.30 at Gymniam 6, Thammasat University, Rangsit will be a Thammasata game, and Blad will open the house to receive the "Futurl Club" Surat Thani "Shrimp Lightning". The locals lost from Port 0-2, but the final match against the Navy 8-3, Surat Thani pulled 4-4 before the Sisaket 8-3 attack.
Thammasat's home team has still missed a star who just made a hat-trick in the previous game, such as Francisco Jackson, to catch the net. With two daughters and young players such as Sak Rape Pho Taeng seeking strength While Pattaye's visiting team "Trenta A" is indeed a worthwhile startup, the game also had a great army of full leadership Leonard Santane, Renata Gomez and Si Manta's philosophy.
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Sisaket – University of Northeastern
In the building of the Siriwannaware Sports Center, at 18.30, the host, Kopri Castle Khom, Sisaket, will be on the Northeast Dana match. University of Northeastern Poitiers, work has not yet won, and who lost from Kasembanthatham University 0-2 and lost 3-8 in Surat Thani, department of the University, lost 3-7 cold rooms. Kasem Bundit has 1-0, 3 points.
This game, hosted by Suebpong Wongsuwan, Khum Thap, is still organizing an army from the past. Soo Pho, Pedro Gomes and Gabriel Rodriguez, and Suwit Phaengma University, the team will visit this game with a special emphasis on the game. And use the figure of the past as the main thing, whether Thanakorn Piyapreeyuth, Akphon Klomleng, and Honoring Kantawanu taught
This pair of statistics last year, the first game, Division I, won 6-5, and the other was 4-4.
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Kasem Bundit University – PTT Blue Wave Chonburi
At Kasem Bundit Romklao Field at 6.30 pm Kasem Bundit University will welcome PTT Blue Wave Chonburi live via AIS Play application and AIS Play Box. From the Sisaket victory 2: 0, but lost from Region 1: 0. "Power Shark" fired Nonthaburi 8-0, but lost 1: 2 in the cold room.
This game, Kasem M. Pandit, Wannaphan Regional Consultant, also found that the original set was used to solve Anantachai Prabuangs, Anawinami and Tiago Mora while PTT Blue Wave Chonburi, who was determined to grab it. 3 points for the game, also need to check the pain of "Sapa" Brazilian striker. But the power of the great series is still well-equipped, Krisada Wongkaew, Jirawat Teaches Wichian, Natthawut Buha Yala, Seaman Ratanawongsawat, Panus Kittipan Nuwong and Peerapat Kaewwilai
This record last year, the first match, PTT Blue Wave, Chonburi won 2-0, the second match, PTT Blue Wave, Chonburi won 3-1.
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Sing Samut Sakhon – Port Authority ASM
Another pair at 18.30 am Sing, Samut Sakhon will open Singha Mahachai Arena, meet ASM Port's live broadcast via AIS Play application and AIS Play Box, and home team results are still a win. He did not lose from Bangkok BTS, 0-1 and always Bangkok City 2: 2. The Harbor Administration gained 6 points of victory at Thammasat University 2-0 and the Department of Motorway 6-3.
Sing Samut Sakhon still has to rely on the same main set, whether it is Surat Sae-Ui, Thanathip Sang Sang, Veerayut Krug Chiang Rak, Peerapol Satyasit, Sarawut Phalapruek and Sorasak Poonchet, who started playing together perfectly. The Port Authority will be led by star-like stars such as Marcos Vinicius and Ryan Gomes, including Thanakun Wichiankun, Chaiwat Jasan, auspicious blessing Srisup Saeng, Thananchai Chomboon and Lertchai Isarasawipakorn. Klong Toey is still very much organized. It can be filled in to collect 3 points
This double record last year, Porta's first share won 7-2, while Lake Two won the Port 4-3.

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