Saturday , February 27 2021

The 50m $ championship day launches "Sport One Day" next year

Day of the Championship

The championship is difficult to prepare $ 50 million. E-Sport launches "one sports" campaign next year.

November 7 at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Singapore Chatri Saimongphan, President and CEO, "The Day of Champions", the largest Asian competitor of mixed martial arts President of the Press Conference launched Heart of Lions, to be held on November 9 at the Singapore Sports Stadium.

The Heart of Lion's Tournament will be held on November 9 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium under the leadership of the Two World Championship Bantamweight, the Brazilian girl meets with Kevin Pelican, the Filipino

There are also Thai players, diamond steel nine, with Somsak Diamond Diamond, Academy, Thailand, Peach Sanchai, Muay Thai, Gym, Smokin, Joe Nuttawut and Dum Dumrong. This time with.

At a news conference, Mr Chatree discovered that the day of championships will be open by the e-sports tournament called "Day Sport" by 2019 to promote the sports market in Asia.

One website of the championship revealed that the organizers prepared $ 50 million. Together with partners Create the largest sports event in Asia. There will be many famous games. In Asia, to be used in various sports. What will happen in cooperation with the tournament. Mixed Martial Arts tournament of 30 events across Asia 2019.

"It was a very exciting moment to announce the launch of" E-Sport. "We see some of the same nature of mixed martial and Asian fans, and we see the opportunity to connect them to the center of the Asian Asian Championship," Mr. Chatree discovered through the official website of the Championship .

By the way, the reporter asked Mr. Chatree at the press conference to come to the tournament. Organizers did not find any game. But he confirmed that he would start soon.

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