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The Department of Art ordered to obstruct the gold church of Lop Buri Lopburi by developing former deputies to bring mat. I do not care.

November 12, 2561 | 3 minutes and 31 seconds

Mr Anan Chuchotti Managing DirectorDepartment of Fine Arts downWat Path On November 10th, it was discovered that the Temple Wat Khao Samo. All exterior walls are painted with gold. Including onions. Then he ordered a gold scrap. And urgently rebuild.

fromWat Path Archaeological site was registered on August 2, 1936. There are architectural and visual arts such as nine chapels. Early Ayutthaya Decorated with stucco motifs on the gutter and wall of Dusit Jataka and Genesis, including the statue.

In October, Mr. Trakhan Thongkul, Director of the Office of Fine Arts, No. 4 in Lopburi, visited the temple after the news of gold painting in many temples across the country. It is said to be ready to prepare for the province to return to its original state. According to the data, the locals in 2012 have imagined a new church in gold. The temple was damaged by floods in 2011. When the host wants to renew the church, the temple allowed it. Do something I do not know how to notify.Department of Fine Artscook

As director of the Office of Fine Arts 12, Nakhon Ratchasim as the former director of the Office of Fine Arts Lopburi said he had been in the position several times. The letter was sent to the abbot asking them to stop the action. It was found that after painting the gold. That's more than once. But it also does not work. I want to have legal action. This is a criminal procedure. However, it does not expire, it depends on the consideration of the director of the 4th Lopburi Art Office today to decide.

I think the people who came to paint the gold-honored people of Lop Buri, former MPs met peasants in the villagers in 2013, former Silpakorn. I do not know what to do. Continue to resume and keep repeating. The gold color applied to the oil color will be peeled off. New applies.

Although it is properly restored to the academic principles. To clean the plaster. The corrosion must be torn and then plastered. The original was white. This church will be built in the Ratanakosina period. But built in the old church area. Near the nine Ayutthaya period chambers. This monastery was King Rama V. He was here.

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