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The executors – Channel 7 cast members join the preservation of the ruins: Kom Chad Luek Online

Administrators – actors Ubosota Celebration Ceremony – Restoration of Wat Sena Sanaram Ratchaworawihan Ayutthaya murals

Channel 7HD from Dr. Yaowalak Poolthong And the director Mrs. Annan Chuchoti Director General of the Fine Arts Department Mrs. Nuchanat Prateepthiranan Deputy GovernorAyutthaya With actors Boom-Kitkong Khamkrit-Siew-Tassaniya Samanuch Mukda-Mukda Narinrak Hana Livis Donut-Phatharaphon Dechaphong Varanon News anchor Joy-Chiranan Khetphongb-Kamasilai-Srichai And the staff of Channel 7HD honoring Ubosota and the picturesThe wall in the project "7HD Preservation of ancient sites" in Wat Sena Sanaram Ratchaworawihan Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province Saturday September 21, 2019

Channel 7HD Supports Budget of Over 3 Million Bats In Department of Fine Arts In Murals RestorationHere is the historical significance of the over 150 years old inside the temple. The restored temple of Buddha and Phra in the temple which has been damaged.From 2018 to Completion I organized a major celebration on September 21, 2019, Channel 7HD in collaboration with the Department of Fine Arts andSena Sanaram, Rajavihara organized the sacrificial ceremony. Performing ceremonies, ceremonies and opening ceremoniesWall carvings for common thriftVirtual Traditions of Thailand

Today's atmosphere is crowdedCourtesy of the people of Chong 7HD attended the auspicious ceremonyWith the brothers and sisters of AyutthayaWork together And I also admired WikipediaThe beauty of rubbing murals.Newly renovated and it isHistoric landBeautiful in the past too.

If one wants to experienceThe beauty of muralsYou can visit such a trip at Wat Senasaram Ratchaworawihan. Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province or may admire the beauty of Chi.This wall car A sympathetic atmosphere in Ayutthaya province via special clips # Mission7 in 1 great day in Ayutthaya with great actors – Phra Phai A fun internet clip to take you all day long, one day in Ayutthaya, via Fanpage: Ch7HD and YouTube: Ch7HD

Project "7HD Historic Preservation" It is another good project that Channel 7HD is continuously running in which it has previously been jointly renewedThu Chom Kitti and Wat Phra That Chom Kitti Which was damaged by a disk incidentChiang Rai Province, supporting over 3 million bats in the Fine Arts Department. Make repairs I held a 2014 sacrifice ceremony

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