Friday , June 18 2021

The FEC released a large number of vaccines this June, completed in 77 provinces, taking care of the outbreak in the family.

The FEC released a large number of vaccines this June, completed in 77 provinces, concerned about the occurrence of the infection in the family.

March 31, 2021 at 2:17 p.m.

FPO reveals Thailand has found 42 infected people worried about familial infection Discovering a large number of vaccines, spread in 77 provinces this June, keep an eye out for “Big Tu”, the green light to reduce quarantine dates in Thailand, divided into three groups, 7 days, 10 days, 14 days.

On March 31, Dr. Apisamai Srirangsan, Assistant Spokesperson of the Situation Center for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) or CRB, reported the daily situation that someone was infected.42 new cases were domestic infections, 24 from system surveillance services, 19 was not in proactive search, five were among those traveling from abroad, 18 of them from Sao Dwa Sudanese who are questioning whether they are of African descent. As a result, there were 28,868 cumulative cases, 27,426 accumulated diseases, 1,343 on treatment, no additional deaths were reported. Making a cumulative constant of 94 cases while the world situation 128,796,905 cumulative infections and 2,815,896 cumulative deaths were recorded.

Dr. Apisamai said that at a small session of the BEC meeting, there was a discussion about the infection that the Province of Samut Prakan The first case of infection is a 28-year-old woman. The infection was discovered on March 22, a disease study found. Five people were at high risk, one in five of whom was infected with the 25-year-old, and another infection affected people around them and family. Causing continued infection Six people were at high risk, and in addition, the first case infected their husbands and colleagues. A colleague also infected a sister and son aged 1 year and 7 months, as well as a nanny. The phenomenon of spreading the infection to people near you and families like this is still being noticed. The same was done at the Bang Khen Detention Center, where previously infected individuals were found as clusters. Initially, there were three infected police officers and center staff. It also has a kitchen department to cook Food for detainees A cleaner, a cleaner, a kitchen worker, a small part of the SMC are concerned. Therefore, review the vaccination plan The vaccine will be distributed to these high-risk personnel, including on-site personnel. As in areas where immigrants are currently crossing the border And other officials Need and control the outbreak in the province Originally distributed to cover 22 high-risk provinces Economic province Tourist province Border provinces Will be divided into 52 provinces with both small provinces Greater province In addition, large vaccines will be distributed in 77 provinces in June.

Dr. Apisamai said there was also a BACC meeting. A small group discussing measures to facilitate the detention of those entering the Kingdom of Thailand. The details are as follows: Currently people entering Thailand must be detained for 14 days, from now on there will be three separate quarantine groups, namely the first group with only 7 days of detention, and if they are a foreigner, Receive Vaccine is almost 14 days before travel. The other group received a 10-day quarantine and was unvaccinated. Either received the vaccine but not 14 days before the trip Or have not yet received two doses of the vaccine. The third group is from the country where the mutant was reported. This group will need at least 14 days of quarantine, such as Africa, Brazil, England, or additional strains will be available in the future. All three groups will count the time of day from midnight to 6pm, which means that if they arrive in Thailand at 6pm, the date of arrival will count as the date of entry into the detention center. But if you arrive in Thailand at 19.00, the day of detention will count the day after arriving in Thailand.

Dr. Apisamai said that before the trip, an examination of the detection of foreign viruses was performed. He will have to be tested for COVID-19. And confirmation that there is no report of infection is negative, so you can enter the country. In this group, we will test the results of COVID-19. The first time for 5-6, but in case the Thais return home the COVID-19 was not tested before departure, the replacement was carried out from the first day of arrival in Thailand and again for 5-6 days. This was a seven-day detention group. Two coronavirus tests will be performed over 10 days. The first was at 3-5. Day, and again at 9-10. The last group with 14 days of quarantine had three replacement tests for COVID. The first time is the date of arrival in Thailand on the first day. The second is on days 6-7, and the third on days 12-13. All groups are also provided with a full 14 days of monitoring system even after they leave the detention facility. A preliminary summary should be reported to the Prime Minister for approval by General Prayut Chan-o-cha, the Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, as Director of Defense The same day (March 31), if approved, will be published on 1 April.

Asked about the list of provinces that will receive the vaccine across the country, how they are applied, Apisamai said not all areas and provinces were surveyed. CRC pays attention to all areas But initially the amount of vaccine was limited. Therefore focus on risk areas CRC listens to information from all areas In high-risk areas, vaccines need to be mobilized to take care of that area first. To prevent spread to other areas

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