Sunday , May 16 2021

The Hubble Space Telescope captures asteroids

The Hubble Space Telescope captures asteroids

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Asteroid (6478) Gault was discovered in 1988, 4 kilometers wide, 344 million miles away, between March and Thursday through January 5, 2019. – ATLAS) accidentally discovered that this asteroid had a growing tail.

Scientists say the Rep Gight asteroid appeared from December 2018 by the Atlas Telescope. Panorama telescope and Pan-STARRS system in Hawaii and asteroids captured in fast rotation This is the result of the torque generation process When the centrifugal force began to overcome the gravity of the asteroid surface Ignoring instability and the ground can send dust and debris floating in space at speed about 3 miles per hour

Scientists estimate that (6478) Gault can rotate more than 100 million years and when it analyzes its environment from the Hubble Space Telescope There were no traces of scattered wounds. His narrow baton indicates that dust is released for a short time. This sudden event is enough to cause about 150 feet of dust, and the tail begins to flake a few months after the dust spreads into the space between the planets.

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