Saturday , April 17 2021

The media apologized to Narungak. "Fist" blocks construction of 50 million diva.

Local Chiang Rai Confession on Intermediary Intervention I am ready to apologize for the "Narongsak Assoc" defamation Accused of "failure without money" after falling from the largest project tiger in the world.

09.00 am On November 29, Mr. Narongsak Osathananakorn, governor of the Phayao Province travel to the Chiang Rai Province. First hearing examination. The prosecutor filed a lawsuit against Mr Wichai Chedbee, the editor-in-chief of Chiang Rai State for defamation. Governor Chiang Rai A in Chiang Rai, the case of Chiang Rai "news" project to build a unique identity of Chiang Rai. (The highest ball in the world) at Tung Park and Chalermpraqiat. Posted August A August 31, 2560 the content is alluded to words. And Accusations Cause of Damage The objection was filed in December 2560 and entered into mediation proceedings in court. The parties lasted more than three hours, the accused pleaded guilty and ready to take the applicants' proceedings. During mediation at the Chiang Rai Hall, Ban Dua villagers parade to cheer and give flowers to former Chiang Rai governor.

Mr. Narongsak After negotiating mediation that can be mediated. But in that state. The accused must be found guilty and must meet the conditions within two months and then meet again on January 22, 2562. Between them, the accused went to apologize in the online version. And published in state newspapers in Chiang Rai. One month and one national newspaper must be presented online.

"With the requirement of mediation, I was not satisfied, but I tried to keep the dignity of a civil servant who was all trying to work directly, and this is accusing me if we are guided by the government, we would not fight. to be a protector I do not do it If we do something like a law We have to insist on doing the right thing Fighting over the years I'll be honest When mediation And the conditions will be withdrawn or not The prosecution has talked with Chiang Rai Province to withdraw the lawsuit. I do not think so.

He said the project was not running. I have no money. Being a servant It would be hard to get. And the prosecution for the entire province. In August we had a meeting that the meeting was not good. On behalf of one province and two as manager, but today as a witness. The prosecutor took the case. The prosecutor sued. Today, about 5 mouths testify. Construction of Tung. Is the Muang District Book, Chiang Rai Province, or sent to the city or the Executive Board of the province. I do not know what to do but I do not know what to do.

Former Chiang Rai governor also said the cause was not to build Tung. Since it is not clear, there are 3 questions.

1. This approval is 60 million baht, but the share is split 50 million baht into the provincial budget, and another 10 is the purchase of the Chiang Rai Municipality. See the Law of Share Distribution The lawsuit was filed by civil servants, dismissed many cases as it reduced the 50 million to the province's power. But if the Ministry of the Interior is out of power, seeing that the planned attempt is an apology. See the error

2. During the development of the TOR, the figure was 60 million baht. The process of producing tungsten has 9 activities. 2 Last activity is gold activity and installed. Do not guarantee this when the base is complete. The municipality will spend a budget of 10 million baht. So cut the TOR to 7 activities to reduce color and delivery. The budget is the same.

3. Sheriff Chiang Rai at that time. (That is, the late Phitsit Chai Thong, who is currently dead) with provincial legal power not to provide special procurement. I have tried to ratify this province. Not possible However, the province solved this problem by giving Sheriff Prasert Jittimaeep to take responsibility at that time. I tried to set up a TOR board, but nobody gave me a commission. Then continue to return the project to the provincial group.

"It is not certain that the newspapers understand the context." I do not understand what's wrong or not that Chiang Rai has no artist, but today it's not Today's mediation No one takes care of the media they said were misunderstandings, "Narongchai said.

Mr. Wichai Chedbee, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Chiang Rai newspaper, local diary Chiang Rai said the government can not agree to set conditions. I'm not sure whether this is the case. But on the edge of advertising. And get all the conditions of Chiang Rai.

Mrs. Tidas Kasemwong said that people were urging me to support the governor. I do not know anyone who comes from the point of view to work all the time. People from Chiang Rai still love and complain. Knowing that the parties accepted the confession. I'm very happy. It is a blessing to the governor. Narongs forever

For the Tung Identity project, Chiang Rai's artist In order to honor King Rama IX of King Rama IX and marking the tenth anniversary of Chiang Rai King of Rama V, the budget of 50 million baht of the upper northern provinces 2 was a bronze 15 meters high. Specialized employment Not granted to the province. Mr. Narongsak At that time, Chiang Rai. I have to go for a review. Use common procurement methods. The board must be set up. But the sheriff can not do it. Budget for a provincial project.

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