Sunday , May 16 2021

The New Future, Required to Observe the Request "UN-EU – Embassy"

UN Spokesperson, United Nations – Embassy has requested observation Say if it does not matter How did you come? It has been clarified that it has never used the world strategy to surround Thailand. But that's the fact

April 8th Ms. Pranika Wanich A new party's future spokeswoman spoke in the case of the Foreign Ministry, stating that he was not an ambassador to observe the report.Mr. Thanatorn Jungrungruangkit The future leader of a new party at Pathumwan Police Station, but Thanathorn is a person who calls this case, the embassy contacts at all. Which new prospective party has good relations with many embassies, especially in Europe and the United Nations, where the embassy in question is because accusations of intolerance on the international road are serious accusations and bring civilians to the military court. Therefore, he has informed him that he wants to observe

"Ask if we invite you?" Such things have to be said that if the embassy does not see the importance of the call, it does not come. Like the United Nations, call us how to go. And he sent a book to tell Pathumwan police station that the United Nations would go. If you ask, the police station in Pathumwana will know that the United Nations has sent the books. This will require it to observe other embassies are the same. We inquire whether we have contacted the embassy in advance You know in advance? We know because we have to check and prepare staff for confirmation. But in this way, according to the diplomatic tradition, if he does not see the importance, he does not leave. No matter who was invited.

To the question whether there were any objections to what happened to the use of a global strategy to surround Thailand to put pressure on the judicial system. Mrs Pranigar said that if the Thai judicial system is clean, there is no cause for concern. We've always talked to believe in the judicial process. As reported on April 6, Mr. Thanathorn has confirmed it to the media and embassy. This is a normal process, without harassment or suspicion Whether it is a world around Thailand or not, of course, Thailand is not the only one in the world. And the world is already surrounded by Thailand. Therefore, acting in accordance with international standards is the way to enable us to live dignified. Not a strategy, but a fact

Asked if the NCPO case went out, the prosecution against Mr. Thanathorna did not use a judicial system to silence political opponents. Ms. Pranigar said she was the right NCPO. There will be talk and judgment of the public on what belief they believe People will be watching Because, as it is the case, the case happened 4-5 years ago but it started to work in the post-war period only 1 week was quite clear Including action with the lady Somporn So, Rungruangkit Thanathorn's Mother Also, Ali and Mr Thanathorn Will Fight the Judicial Process And I believe the justice system will maintain justice

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