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The OPPO F11 Pro is the highest quality photographic portrait with 5 reasons you should not miss.

Hotter than the sun, Thailand is now OPPO F11 Pro.Od official announcements to be released in Thailand, of course. With the leader, a beautiful woman, capable of "Yaya Urasaya", OPPO has released photos that have been craving From the beautiful design And the screen is very wide Plus no loneliness Today will present the features of the God OPPO F11 Pro with the concept of "Nice Portrait Even weak light ", which is considered to be the most significant upgrade. Because before that, we will know the OPPO series F as a selfie expert. But today he has discovered the other side we can see as a smartphone that is considered the best portrait photography: what makes the OPPO F11 Pro smart phone to capture that portrait? Let's look at it at the same time.

1. Get a clearer picture Because there is a dual rear camera of 48 + 5 million

The OPPO F11 Pro comes with a dual rear-view camera with the highest resolution as the F series and is considered to be a remarkable change in the F family of smart phones because the OPPO F11 Pro comes with a dual rear 48 + 5 megapixel camera to capture more beautiful and sharp images.

2. Beautiful shooting, even at low light with aperture F 1.79 works with 6P lenses

F1.79 aperture, which effectively increases the ability to capture light and increase the amount of light entering through the lens Used together with 6P lenses. The sensor can make images more clearly.

3. Beautiful, clean, even at low light Ultra-night mode

Ultra Night Mode in OPPO F11 Pro will be reduced noise And help focus on a person When capturing a portrait at night, F11 Pro can automatically split faces from the background. Make sure you get beautiful portrait photos even in low light

4. Camera and Technology Cooperation AI

In addition, the OPPO F11 Pro also comes with AI technology that helps more efficient shooting, whether it's AI for scene recognition, which can target up to 23 types of images, enabling more detailed recording time and recording time. AI Color Mapping to Increase Color Contrast Make sure that the images taken with the OPPO F11 Pro must be absolutely full quality.

5. Unstable, can be taken due to closed loop VCM

The OPPO F 11 Pro comes with a faster focus with a closed VCM circuit, which takes only 0.1 seconds to focus, which is 600 to 700 milliseconds faster than the VCM open circuit. So shoot moving objects and take pictures while you're moving better

It can be called OPPO F11 Pro Coming with super gods pictures Prepare for the lowest price, 10,990 bahta, it can be called the most useful and anyone who wants to own a smartphone portrait Nice, even light OPPO F11 Pro You can then order it on March 16, 2019, especially for just 500 blahs, get special gifts from OPPO It's a card OPPO VIP card And elegant bags worth 6,590 pounds Brand Store OPPO Dealers across the country rush together because the items are limited.

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