Tuesday , April 20 2021

The pharmacist decided to close the pharmacy and then passion.

I do not know what to do. I had teens bought drugs every 30 minutes to buy what I buy what to buy. I decided to rush to close the pharmacy passion.

Today (November 29th) Facebook's site "Fern Pharmacy & Drug-a-Holic Leased a Pharmacy" has released information to ensure that the pharmacy closes for the problem. Mixed feelings about this career. And she has done this career for three years, she thought it was useful. They say they are on a daily basis in a pharmacy. A little closer:

1. Antibiotics are not disinfectants. Pain in the throat, no need for antiseptic, swollen throat, sore throat, tonsillitis, mucous membrane, yellow color for 3 days. Every time I take a disinfectant, I must eat it. Better then stop. Now this can be nothing. But the next will be resistant to the future.

2. Menstrual Pill. Eat by weight Eat before the day comes. The day will be 2-3 business days if it is menstruation. Eat not to use.

3. Do not eat more than 2 boxes per month, not 2 boxes per lifetime. This is almost everyone's misunderstanding. But ask to eat 2 boxes a month and then eat well? The answer is not good. Jedi as much as needed. If one day I really want to have kids. It will increase the chances of the stomach outside the uterus. If you think you will have to take urgent medications frequently. Change your monthly control.

4. Chronic heart disease, diabetes, heart disease, stop the drug itself. Do not adjust the dose itself.

5. Mineral diets with minerals, exercise Mineral diets "Do not cure diarrhea", but eat for the replenishment of various minerals. It is waste, so it will not faint and will not drink. But how often to sip. (Drinking will completely cause diarrhea. Because minerals have the ability to absorb water, that's why many people like to eat minerals, they do not see it better.)

6. Muscle Relaxants Some brands have a drug mix that has not been added to add another. I do not know how to do it. already exists

7. Dry cough with spout. Treatment for each other.

8. All eye drops open the lid for one month and do not share strictly with others.

9. Drugs that people call dialysis. Do not treat a kidney disease. If that's true, the world will not have a kidney disease.

Antibiotics such as ibuprofen, diclofenac, naproxen, mefenamic acid, piroxicam, celecoxib, can be supplemented with muscle relaxants. You should not eat two antibiotics together because it will irritate the stomach. And it affects the kidneys.

11. Antibiotics said to bite the stomach. Listen, but it's not that serious. You just eat food right away. How not to irritate the stomach.

12. Steroid serotonins, thin and applied only when there are more steroids, no tube can be applied to all parts of the body if the face or skin is soft. Or very young children Use the lowest level – medium, do not use strong.

13. Diarrhea with drowsiness. Diarrhea is worse than nasal congestion, but short acting. I have to eat often in the morning and in the evening, and not sleep at one level. We did not, but they acted for a long time. Eat only once a day (Long but weak) if both nasal secretions are very nasal. But Driving Driving Used Machines I'm not sleeping for that day. Before sleeping The new version is the latest version of drug drug development drug names will begin with Des … Levo … new version a bit expensive, but good performance.

14. Women's Medicine Do not abort. Except for abortion, do not risk your baby. I have a teenager to buy drugs every 30 minutes to buy until we guess what needs to be bought. We must quickly decide to close the store. I'm afraid that if it does not sell it will be hurt.

She said the end was "often coming every day tomorrow to open the last day. I have passion for pharmacies."

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