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The Sattahip municipality launches the World AIDS Day campaign – innnews

Narong Boonbanjerdri Mayor of Sattahipa As the president of AIDS AIDS Day in 2018, Mr. Chai Thep Boonlert, Deputy Mayor of Sattahip, Mr. Prakob Khunkook, Deputy Mayor of Sattahipa and Council members. Head of Government Sattahip District Health Volunteer Teachers and Students in the Sattahipa Field Walk around the Sattahip Market Promote Prevention and Fight against AIDS. They also distribute condoms to marketers, including those who buy, buy and eat on the Sattahip market at the same time.

Mr. Narong said every December 1st every year the World AIDS Day. Sattahip Municipality Be aware of the severity of the disease. Together they developed the project. AIDS is still a major public health problem, especially among children and young people who still lack immunity and life skills in changing conditions in modern society. Stop the HIV epidemic among young people. One sustainable approach is education of children and young people on AIDS, which is a means of continuing public relations. Raising the awareness of young people and children about the importance and severity of AIDS. In order to achieve a national strategy to address the AIDS problem, 2560-2530, the three main goals are:
1. Reduce the number of new HIV infections per 1,000 annually.
2. Reduce deaths in HIV infected persons at 4,000 per year.
3. Reduce Discrimination. Because of HIV and sex, 90%

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