Friday , June 18 2021

Win a million “Boss Nid” by giving a great bonus for “Shihada Bonus & The Red Party 2021”.

Died with a job “Shihada bonus and Red Party 2021” Brand Bonus Celebration 2020 “Chihada ” The business of famous health and beauty supplements imported from Japan. Under management “Khun Suttada Kulchoti-olarn (Chief of Nid)” Chairman of the Board of Directors of Chihad (Thailand) Co., Ltd., which brought together distributors across the country at Sirimahannop. Thailand’s largest three-mast sailboat Being a spectacular venue with a range of entertainment, including food, drink and a variety of activities With younger stars like “Khun Fai Supaprom Mali Son » and “Mr. Yoon Phusanuwongsawanitchakorn” Come and join the event.

“Shihada Bonus & The Red Party 2021” started an exciting performance of everyone present in a red dress, which made the atmosphere in the area especially buzzing. After that, the host gave an introductory speech with “Gazda Nid” or “Khun Suttada Kulchoti-olarn”.

“For the bonus split for 2020 from the usual we will give each other at the end of the year. But in various situations we have increased the accumulation period from January 1 to March 31, ’64, which is very satisfying today to everyone who has received a lot of bonuses. They are all very good. We walked together for 15 months without holidays. Which, as expected, when all the teams are fully engaged The Gift of the Diligent is a success that everyone here has achieved. Today, the company awarded bonuses for cash checks to teams that have accumulated for 2020 as determined by the company, and they also hold a sales celebration, and for this 2021 the company also has many marketing plans. television and online media, the company expects sales growth in 2021 to continue to grow. With the standardized quality of production from Japan, it is still a trust for Thai consumers. “

He then entered the 2020 bonus ceremony, where the host announced the names of those who received the bonus, received a prize badge and a cashier’s check. Continue with many other awards, such as the Annual Diligent Workers Awards, excellent physical clothing, etc. “Khun Suttada Kulchoti-olarn (Bossnid)” awarded various prizes throughout the event.

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