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Yuri has 8 million amphetamine tablets, and the devil struggles with the unusual.

(March 16) Late last night, Pol.Lt. Colonel Chinnapat Sarasin, Commander of Narcotics Control (Por.Chor.), General-Major Wachara Thipmongkolpho, Phor. 3, Khor 3, Bor.Sor.Chor.3, Khor.Kor.Kor.Tor.Chor.Chor.Chor.Chor.Chor. On the inner layer of the country It is on the road that connects the boundary route of Mae Fah Luang District – Mae Chan District Phahon Yothin Road, Pa Sang District, Mae Chan District

After that, the police officer discovered three-brand 4-door pickup truck, Ford Gray pickup truck, registration number-8424, Chiang Rai pickup truck, Toyota Gray-7476, Chiang Rai and Chevrolet pickup trucks. The White Register F 0875, Bangkok (Red Sign), follows one of the lower downhill from the mountain to Phaholyoth Road, passing the Ban Pa Sang School. (Sang Darunanus), Sri Yang Mun, Moo 8, Substation Pa Sang, informed by authorities, in order to intercept all

However, it turned out that one person in the car had drawn a gun .357, shot at a cop who wanted to investigate, causing a big fight. At the end of the gun, one of the villains died. Mr. Boonsong, 27 years old Firing by bodyguards After that, the other driver of the car that was taken together with the other two men was ready to surrender to the cop, who then searched for all three cars.

The results of the study showed that the drug was found in a drug containing amphetamine in a long straw bag designed as a backpack. Which was located on the back of the Ford brand truck, 4.2 million pcs and Toyota truckloads, 3.8 million pills, with a payroll at the top, a total of 8 million pills. The authorities then arrested two men and coordinated with Mae Chan's police administration, administrative departments, prosecutors, doctors, and departments to review the bodies and central facilities for prosecution. "Together with Category 1 (amphetamine) drugs available for sale illegally" "Fight, quit, and try to kill an officer, take the gun and ammunition, take the gun." Before sending the body to the hospital and controlling the accused, along with the middle, send the investigator. In order to further the legal effect

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