Saturday , September 18 2021

1.1 million people have lost their jobs in the last 10 months


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The number of unemployed persons who reported for İŞKUR in the last 10 months reached 3.2 million people, which is 27 percent more than in the previous year. For 10 months, 1.1 million people have stolen the door to unemployment benefits. They were flirtatious thoughts of dismissal.

According to Recep Genel's reporter, companies that will make shrinking plans in December can lead to the fate of a failure. Benefit Unemployment for the first 10 months of this year Turkish employment agency (Teo) of the total number of applicants found that 1 million 161 thousand 604 people.

Only in October, İŞKUR made 140,164 unemployed, while 100,611 men and 39,553 women. Moreover, thousands of unemployed are not entitled to apply due to the fact that they continue to work on unemployment benefits in the last 120 days prior to the termination of service contracts and conditions for paying unemployment insurance for at least 600 days in the last three years.


The number of unemployed registered at ISKUR also made a ceiling. In 2017 the number of registered unemployed, which amounted to 2 million 611 thousand 932, grew by 27 percent and reached 3 million 215 thousand and 289 people. In 2019, it is said that the uncertainty of the economy will be deepened, and thousands of organizations focus on the reduction scenarios. He is concerned that mass layoffs will be released in the next two months due to the fact that more than 3,000 organizations have declared concurrent contraction in manufacturing, construction and retail sectors and bankruptcy protection. It is stated that local elections will increase uncertainty and that the company will prepare for the preliminary poor scenario of Yerel.

Available in Crisis in 2008

The number of applications for money allowance in October 2008 was 28,307, and in November this year 41,776. In December, when the crisis is most likely to be felt, the number of ISKUR compensation claims increased to 60,040. The total number of unemployed persons who applied for this institution in 2008 increased by 82.9 percent to 1,120,449.

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