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3.3 million people a year die in the world

Vice-Rector of the University of Health Sciences Dr. Sadrettin Paw, alcohol and drug addiction, pointing to losses "every year every year, 3.3 million people die from alcohol abuse and death associated with alcohol make up 5.9 percent of all deaths," he said.

According AA; University of Health Science Erenköy Mental Health and Neurology Illness Training and Research Hospital AMATEM and Health Sciences University Institute for Protection and Research (BAUMER) Municipality of Srik Tourist center Belek at the hotel "Improving addiction: How is it?" Why not? "More than 600 academics, doctors, nurses, and psychologists participated at the 12th National Alcohol and Substance Addiction Group.

Professor Dr. Sadrettin Paw, at the opening of congress, alcohol and substance use in medical, legal, social and security dimensions, stressed an important public health problem.

3.3 million people each year is the term of alcohol

Alcohol and drug dependence, not just the individual, but also the family of an individual, the environment, working life and society adversely affected, should be addressed by the approach of Protective Public Health Claw, said: "According to the World Drug Drug Report 2016, 2014 Estimates that 29 million people suffer from substance abuse disorders and 3.3 million people die of harmful alcohol every year, and alcohol-related deaths account for 5.9 percent of all deaths. This situation is the socio-economic burden of societies, and deaths are related to by using substance among the leading causes of the death of the young population. In 2016, only 825 people lost their lives in this matter.

He states that the main reasons for this are alcohol, drugs, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, caffeine, tobacco, tobacco, tobacco, tobacco, tobacco, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, alcohol, drugs, alcohol and drug abuse.

Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Prof. Dr. Emine Alp Meşe, President of the Health and Food Policy Presidium and President of the Managing Board of the Foundation İVEK Dr. Necdet Ünüvar, Health Director Antalya Ünal Hülür & # 39; un attended the congress, will end on December 2nd.


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