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82 thousand robots TL & # 39; ya Konyalı

ASIMO, Boston Dynamics, Pepper, Fedor, and more … These companies are developing robots that many of us enter into the Internet and television. They jump, lift the loads from the ground and do not fall when they are pushed. Developed by investing in research and development of $ 1 billion, these robots are one of the most successful examples of the future. These robots are watching with admiration, the next question might come to mind: Why leave such a company from Turkey? In fact, there is a company that has invested in this field for years and started to produce results. And Konya. He has been working on the development of robots in the last 9 years. Özgür Akın has begun to focus on the production-driven robots that he opened last year in Konya. At Istanbul's Airport, various robots, from the developed-to-the-ground model to quadruple robots developed for the field, leave this factory. Konyi also develops robotic units such as motion motors and control cards. Akın Robotics and Akınsoft Chairman of the Management Board. We visited Özgür Akın.


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82 thousand robots TL & # 39; ya Konyalı

We started our first research and development activities in 2009 with our models of 2009 Akinci. We have developed two leg models with Akıncı 1, Akıncı 2 and Akıncı 3 models. But then we saw that service robots are starting to appear. Robots that serve people have become a trend. Not to miss this trend, we turned our way to service robots and began to develop a series called dün Ada olan that first woman developed software in the world. Our island models have been used in different areas. Served at fairs and restaurants. We were included in this field with 6 different models. Finally, we released the Mini Island model. In front of the Mini Island model there is a screen. He can talk to other people. They will soon start traveling to Istanbul airport


Talking about the 4-legged model, they call it Göver Arat şartlar, one of their biggest projects, said Akın: Because of its sensor structure, it can perform many field tasks. We are also a country of agriculture and unfortunately our productivity in agriculture is very low. That's why we are developing agricultural robots. We have developed two models: PNCR 1 and PNCR 2. Increases yield in planting beets. We've managed to increase efficiency up to 80% with classic methods and up to 95% with robotic systems. We have another robotic study. One of them is on unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). We will develop these vehicles on land and in the air. Our business will begin in 2019. çalış


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82 thousand robots TL & # 39; ya Konyalı

Robots AKIN Robotics can be developed according to different sectors and requirements in terms of software and hardware. According to information shared by the company, the Mini Ada robots series has a sales price of 82 thousand TL. This sales price may vary depending on the project and the needs. Optionally, it is possible to rent Akın Robotics robots.


On the software side of the business, we improve image processing, sound processing, control and embedded software. We invested in servo motors and began to produce themselves. His design and production are completely ours. We patent our mechanical power producers. Servo motors are developed through world-wide technologies. That's our difference. All our robots are built with our own local servos. We've made robots for 9 years, but we have the capacity to produce models in a very short time at the place we arrived today.

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