Sunday , June 20 2021

A healthy smile with individual aesthetic filling!

Technological development of dentistry; offers personalized dental designs, a smile design, personalized filling fills. In addition to classic filling, inserts and onlays, which we can call personalized instead of classic filling, provide solutions as a solution.


Inlay, which is created after removing the infected tissue, is met by this method. One of the most important questions for dentists is the preservation of the remaining healthy tissue during the removal of caries destruction. However, in some circumstances it may be impossible to achieve that goal. However, inlay and onlay fillers are important applications that contribute to restoring and protecting the affected teeth. For inlay and onlay fillers, which are fully personalized and made by measuring this tooth, most common materials such as composites and porcelain are now desirable. Intake and onlay chargers are used as a good solution in the teeth that can not be restored by classic filling methods but are not desirable for crown restoration.


In cases where tooth damage is high, it is very difficult and often it is impossible to provide classic fillings with adjacent teeth. With such filling, food that is squeezed between two teeth creates a situation that reduces the comfort of life by adversely affecting the social life as well as giving unpleasant feelings to the patients. Inline and onlay fillers are produced in the lab and this problem is eliminated. This is due to the fact that classic filling methods offer the possibility of creating limited formations in the mouth, while inlay and onlay are prepared in laboratory conditions. Then the dentist adheres to the mouth of the patient. In deep ruptures, classical fillings can not withstand teeth, and the drop is much more developed with inlay and onlay fillers. Inlay and onlay fillers integrated with special adhesive teeth are customized to the locking keyhole. They are much longer than classic fillings and have more harmony in their mouth.

The result is inlay and onlay fillers;

In the case of tooth decay that are subjected to the treatment of the canal;

In the teeth where no contact with the adjacent teeth can be achieved,

Large amounts of fillings that look aesthetically bad,

In areas where the chewing gum is very strong

offers a healthy solution to patients.

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