Sunday , May 16 2021

A terrible picture in Izmir! – Latest news

Izmir, almost the entire region under the influence of the torrential and some point in the floods. According to the average of previous years, rainfall could fall to 3 months, and in some areas floods have been brought. Due to excessive rainfall, it is still possible to catch ponds like lakes in thousands of hectares of land.

The falls, the city of Menderes Karakuyu, was also effective. Due to rain in this district, agricultural land has been flooded. Deep falls spotted the citizens of the region. Some citizens came to the region after scary pictures and they saw the appearance. Deposits of County Agriculture Directorate relate to the depth of unknown counters in the region. For the first time, some citizens saw footage of themselves and shared pictures with social media accounts.

Menderes Karakuyu district chief Mustafa Coşkun said that the last 12 years before the rain was caused by rain, and said, con There is nothing to be afraid. "Can be turned off".

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