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A woman who tries a heart different from a male's heart

Although the overall mortality rate in the United States due to heart disease has decreased in the last 20-30 years, this is a decrease in women less than in men. Ferruh Gürkay, a new research in comparison to men in women after the first heart attack, has more negative effects, he said.

Dr. Gürkay, "Researchers, women after the first heart attack risk of death by 70 percent more than men, the disease is more serious and can be caused by cardiac complications," he said.


Gürkayn said that the risk of heart attack in women increased when menopause approaches, and this increase continues as the age progresses. Researchers believe that changes in female bodies are caused by menopausal effects, including aging, weight gain, and low estrogen hormone levels. In women, especially postmenopausal women, mortality due to cardiovascular disease is increasing.

Women are less likely to have cardiovascular disease than men before menopause. It is believed that estrogen hormones protect women. However, when women enter the menopause, their production decreases, and the risk of cardiovascular disease begins and grows every year with overlapping.


"In a 45-year-old woman, this risk is one of nine, a risk of two to one in a 65-year-old woman," he told Gurkay. This rate was found for 1/17 for women, while the risk of illness was the same for both sexes over the age of 60.

Coronary artery disease is an important health problem for men after menopause. 25 percent of deaths in that period. Hypertension is the most important risk factor for coronary artery disease in women. Female age hypertension is seen in 80 percent of women over the age of 70. Diabetes also increases the risk of coronary artery disease in women 3 times. "


Explaining that in Turkish society excessive body weight, smoking and elevated blood pressure are very high among women. Dr. Gurkayn said: "Obesity is an important threat to women's health. The breadth of the waist circumference, which is one of the most important indicators of obesity, increases in women in the 40s and reaches the highest values ​​in the 60's. 72 percent of Turkish women in this age group has the weight of waist circumference.

Changing lifestyles and eating habits are very important for the treatment. Considering the fact that women are overweight with menopause, preventive habits such as regular exercise for women, low calorie diet and smoking avoidance are important in the pre-menopausal period. The woman had a heart attack 40 years ago as a result of intravascular clot formation. This situation; Smoking, depression, stress and anxiety are believed to be. 25 percent of women aged between 20 and 40 years of age, this rate falls from 50 percent to 8 percent, "he said.


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