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Adam is represented as Omar Bin Khattab, 4 Women in a Distorted Relationship, a Religious Instrument!

Esra Erol, published on ATV screens, Meral Hanım, the mother of a victimized woman named Nagihan, told the audience that she was cheated by Ömer Kara, who claimed that her daughter had spoken to angels and had a wrong relationship with four women.


& # 39; Esra Erol & # 39; from & # 39; on the ATV program screen he allegedly talked to angels and women who distorted the relationship with four women, which marked the incident Ömer Kare. Meral Hanım, who said that daughter Nagihan Durguç deceived Ömer Kara, who presented himself as "Ömer Bin Khattab," became a bloodthirsty detail when he joined the living air. Meral, who is now a 36-year-old daughter, started moving away from him, speaking to Meral: "My daughter began to study after working in a very nice company, but through her friend Ommer Kara, when she met her life she turned upside down. Movies of horror have turned my daughter into a closed room. I started hindering him, "he said.


Meral Hanim told her daughter that she had a special community on the Internet and had a private invitation to visit her daughter, Nagihan, and told her daughter that "Mother angels speak so many wonderful things. Meral also mentioned that her daughter jumped at one point and said, "She had pictures of Mary with Jesus on her computer. Eda and Elif I saw this picture on the computer of other friends named Izmir."


Omar Kara is married to a woman named Nazan Kara who is officially married and has two children who said that Meral Hanım, Omar 15 years ago with Elif Izmirli. After 6-7 years of age he began to be with Elif's brother Edom. Then she met my daughter. "Omer Kara and his daughter, Eddie Izmir, claiming that they have two children born for one week, except that Omar Kara froze the blood of Meral Hussein, was also associated with the transfer of charges against him, Eda said he had not met Izmir and did not want to talk about Kari's child, divorce with his officially married wife Mrs. Nazan said she was the stage of the case and that the divorce would end.

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