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Again they claim plagiarism

Elif fafak's latest novel, 2019 "Ten minutes thirty-eight seconds"He is also accused of plagiarism.

Twitter users Şafak is a 2007 Kahraman Çayırlı novel "Prostitutes do not cheat"He claims he used characters, even names, changing the position of the letters.

SanatAtak Cultural and Art News reportedly nominated the book for Elif Safaka Booker "Ten minutes thirty-eight seconds"claims are not limited to these.

Women in life are not fooled "Belly" and "Graveyard" scenes are used with very little difference, the book talks about 10 different minutes after the death of Leyle &afak & # 39; ın Life Women Aldatmaz & # 39; and 10 different days of Ayselian attention.

Şafak is said to have used a transsexual character, Aysel's best friend in the book Çayırlı, and gays who came to her by force.

Kahraman is reportedly Çayırlı & # 39; nın "Aysel" and "Adin" Characters from "Ten minutes thirty-eight seconds"de Leyla and Dali. 80 pages of Dawn "Prostitutes do not cheat"and read and use it as a template.

Receivables are usually accounts that do not have many followers and do not reveal their identity. Kahraman Çayırlı, author of the book, which is subject to plagiarism, does not yet have an explanation for the claims.

Dawn is not facing plagiarism for the first time.

ago "Alexander" Zadie Smith "Pearl teeth" many in parallel with his novel, Am I also the master ” written by Jose Saramago. "Elephant Journey" It was claimed to be a book. Again, on social media, Dawn Chuck Palahniuk's excerpt "Show the Prophet"by the same claim, but that claim could not be proved.

Here are the claims:


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