Friday , August 6 2021

Ahmet Kural's Prosecution Reported!

At the appeal of her lover, Sıla Gençoğlu, actress Ahmet Kural came to Istanbul at the Istanbul Palace of Justice on Monday to sue the prosecutor as a "suspect." Prosecution Statement Ahmet Kurava also appeared. Ahmet Kural, who earlier said he had completed his nine-month association for Okan Can Yantra, later said that Sila wanted to achieve peace and therefore he forgave him.

The reason Kavgana: OKAN CAN YANTIR

On the day of the event, Ahmet Kural returned with his family and said they were drinking alcohol because of the relationship between Sila and Okan Can Yantır.

Find another Okan Can Yantır

"I stayed

Ahmet Kural said he was hurt during the fight with Sila and he said the fight was as follows: & # 39; After my relationship with Simo ended, Sila had a relationship with Okan Can Yantır. When I asked, she accepted that relationship, so I wanted to send Sila from the house, but I did not go, holding hands together, shaking, we went back to the ground repeatedly.


Okan Can Yantır was born in 1980. 38-year-old Okan Can Yantır graduated from the University of Galatasaray, Department of Political Science. He also studied election strategies and candidate image at Paul Valery University in France. Okan Can Yantır, one of the renowned magazine industry figures, took the first step in the magazine sector with Esquire magazine. Many work Okan Can Yantar, Turkey has taken the GQ Magazine's main editor's time.

It was claimed that Okan Can Yantır, who lived with Dilan Cicek Deniz, famous for the tiny small lies Bodrum Tale and Çukurovim slides, fell in love with Sila.

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